Opinions Fri, 27 Apr 2012

Genocide MP: Epitome Of Hate Speech, Death Threats Insults & Lies

(part 1)

Kennedy Agyapong, New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Assin North is currently standing trial for criminal charges bothering on genocide, treason and terrorism. The Catalyst can however state that the leading NPP member’s cup may be full today, but he embarked on this journey a long time ago. For Kennedy Agyapong, hate speech, death threats, insults and lies have been his stock in trade over a long period of time.

It would be remembered that Kennedy Agyapong once attacked Kwame Sefa Kayi, Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo,’ Morning show host, on tribal grounds. He spewed a hate speech against Mr Sefa Kayi by stating his displeasure about the fact that Mr Sefa Kayi, who is an Ewe from the Volta region, had had the opportunity of travelling with former President Kufuor outside the country as a member of the then president’s entourage.

Kennedy Agyapong referred to Kwame Sefa as ‘ayigbeni’ and expressed disgust about the fact that a Voltarian like him was being allowed to join then President Kufuor’s entourage on his trips outside the country.

Obviously, Kennedy Agyapong also has no respect for people of northern extraction. He is on record to have referred to Alhaji Bature, Managing Editor of The Alhaj Newspaper as ‘pepeni te se wo,’ meaning ‘a northerner like you. The tribalist MP did not stop there. He derogatorily called Alhaji Bature a son of a watchman and a shepherd who follows sheep around, alluding to his ethnic group as people who were not fit to stand toe-to-toe with him.

The Ga ethnic group only last week got its share of Kennedy Agyapong’s hate speech, when he usurped the powers of the President of Ghana and brazenly declared a genocidal war on his radio station, Oman FM, against Gas and Voltarians.

There is a school of thought that Kennedy Agyapong has not acted alone, and that he had actually expressed the intention of his political party, NPP, which is why the party and its flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo are yet to decisively state their abhorrence for the nation-wrecking conduct of Kennedy Agyapong. Some leading members of the NPP describe Kennedy Agyapong as a hero.

There are strenuous efforts on the part of the NPP to explain away the genocidal war declaration by Kennedy Agyapong. But widespread condemnations have since greeted the hate speech by the NPP MP, unprecedented in the history of this country, indicating Ghanaians are not prepared for any form of violence, let alone genocide in the 2012 elections.
Columnist: The Catalyst