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Ghana @61: Ambassador Anna Bossman hosts Ghanaians in France

Ghanaians living in France were treated to a feast of local food and drinks

When Ghana celebrated its 61st independence anniversary across the globe, newly elected Ambassador to France, H.E Anna Bossman also hosted Ghanaians in France as part of activities to mark the anniversary.

The Ambassador Extraordinare and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Ghana to France, Portugal, UNESCO, OIF, OECD, H.E Ms Anna Bossman hosted and treated Ghanaians living in France to a feast of local food and drinks which merry made the people of Ghana and invited guest to a cock-a-hoop.

It all started with a speech from the Ambassador in which she stated "Ghana has it all when it comes to investing in Ghana." She opine on the issue of Ghanaians living in the diaspora to help Ghana work again because at 61, we should be proud of how far we have come.

She continued by advising Ghanaians to be united as they stay in France and also be trouble free as to also contribute in building France.

On the issue of France and Ghana, H.E addressed the intimacy and bond between these two countries and that she will ensure it continues .

She assured all that she will do her best to improve and help build the love, business, and what it takes to put these two countries to benefit from each other.

In attendance was the renowned veteran photo journalist James Barnor who was a special guest, Bibie Brew International Ghanaian musician was as well at the program to grace the occasion.

Ghanaian chiefs and queens in France, some members of the community, students were all part of this occasion and International dignitaries from all over the world where also invited to celebrate Ghana's independence.

Source: Nyanfeiku Andor

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