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Ghana@65: Focus on Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados

Mia Amor Mottley Barbados PM Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley

Tue, 8 Mar 2022 Source: Charles Yeboah Sir Lord

On March 6, 2022, the Cape Coast stadium hosted a memorable colourful Independence Day celebration.

The president of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo carried with him the power of the state to the historical city of Cape Coast -the capital of the old Gold Coast, the relic of Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the citadel of Ghana's education.

The Republic of Ghana displayed our betters to the world. Well rehearsed march past by students, acrobatic display by masqueraders, the manliness of the armed forces and security apparatus, drum appellations and poetry recitals, intermittent profiling of important personalities and institutions, and the chronicling of the sixty-five sojourn journey of Ghana since the attainment of independence from the shackles of brutal slaveholders.

Perhaps coincidental, or craftily stage-managed for her appearance, the Prime Minister of Barbados, H. E Mia Amor Mottley delivered a rousing speech that'll forever remain a sermon to patriotic Ghanaians, PanAfricanists in the continent and the diaspora, and world citizens who believe in fairness and equity.

Encompassing the foresworn bloody history books of slave trade and shipment of our forebears into the Atlantic centuries ago, the resilience of our ancestors even yoked with chains of ignobility, the birth of a new nation Ghana as a beacon of hope to the black race, and in this momentous watershed to reclaim reparations from those who extracted worth unduly from the oppressed black race, Mia Amor Mottley as the Bono people describe it: with her spittle has left a well of everlasting potable water.

The Prime Minister of Barbados in the Caribbean, Mia Amor Mottley acknowledged her country is relatively small in land size, but having assurance in an option in education which they've pursued to translate into their current successes, she encouraged Ghana and Africa not to lose sight of such priorities of a modern-day minefield of human capital in the mind.

Indeed, it was at the time the president Akufo-Addo mentioned in his anniversary speech that the first Basic School in Ghana, Philip Qaurcoo school at Cape Coast which is in ruins, will be rehabilitated, that the Prime Minister of the newest Republic in the world, Mia Amor Mottley was seen applauding the loudest.

A mark of a true leader, H.E Mia Mottley is not only passionate about the rebuilding of the black race from the ashes of scores of years in servitude, or the erection of monuments as a constant reminder to the world of the horrors of slavery and oppression; but she laid bare without mincing words her hatred for and denunciation of whimsical use of power by a world powerful nation to aggressively invade a sovereign state, with the horrors of Russian bombardment of Ukraine lately in mind.

Emboldened by attentive and cheering Ghanaian crowd under a sweltering sun with some interspersed light-skin foreigners looking on, the towering figure of America's politics, Mia Amor Mottley has undoubtedly left words of hope in the Ghanaian youth that: "Working Together, Bouncing Back Together" is realisable in our time if we do not buckle and waver in the midst of challenges we face today that transcends nationality.

And that, the silver weapon we can't relegate from our suit of armoury in the next freedom battle we wage now for the world's oppressed is unity. Unity in purpose to fight common foes of illiteracy, food inadequacy, and ill-health of whatever ugly plagues, as determined by freemen of all corners of our supposed free world.

In my native Goka, we say, the seat of a good messenger should be dusted with clean clothes.

H. E Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, I believe my fellow Ghanaians will not begrudge me if we assign to the cleaning of your seat the finest cloth from our wardrobe, for you're the good messenger we'll love welcoming you to our homes again and again.

God bless the Republic of Barbados!

God Bless the Republic of Ghana!!

God bless the black race!!!

Columnist: Charles Yeboah Sir Lord