Opinions Mon, 12 Mar 2007

Ghana Needs Opposition Party

In order for our nation to move forward economically, politically and balance the political power in the future, the nation needs a stronger opposition party who will understand the policies of the interest of the people without intimidation and violence.

During our nation’s fifth golden jubilee celebrations the NDC founder; John Jerry Rawlings had the audacity to boycott the celebration due to his personal animosity with the NPP leaders

Ladies and gentleman, Jerry Rawlings is not a Ghanaian. We know her mother happens to be a Ghanaian. Rawlings doesn’t share the common interest of our nation at heart as you and I have in our blood. It’s about time Ghanaians who have supported this Knuckle head and feeble- minded John Jerry Rawlings, NDC party must use their common sense and leave his party as soon as possible. Many good people are in the NDC especially Mills and some supporters should live the NDC Party. This narcisstic John Jerry Rawlings has the nerve to say that the water from his toilet is cleaner then the water people drink from their villages. These people were all Ghanaians they showed their patriotism in our fifth anniversary. These patriots paid for his utility bills and provided his monthly income. Rawlings has also insulted the people of the North in Nima. He claimed if they were looking for executive positions in his NDC party they should go to the north. Ghanaians should not allow Rawlings to insult them The Nation 50th anniversary was very significant worldwide for every Ghanaian, especially those out side the country. In New York the weather was very cold but they showed up in numbers to cerebrate the occasion.

Henceforth, no Ghanaian should ever take John Jerry Rowling seriously, if not because of coup that brought him into power by force, who is in his right mind will vote for a “Wee” smoker and O level educated person to become a president in our dear nation. This individual was complained that the NPP administration did not recognize his economic impact he has provided to our nation during his time in office. Ghanaians won’t be “steamrolled” by his nonsense and his foolish disastrous economic policies he left behind. Ghanaians will remember that when John Jerry came to power, the dollar exchange rate was 2.69 cedis to the dollar in the black market the bank rate was even less. Ghana Airways flights from Accra-Ghana to London England were 6,000.00 cedis. Rawlings left office with the dollar rate of 8 thousand cides to one dollar and Ghana Airways fare from six thousand to 7.3 million cedis, what impact did you have in our nation’s economy that needed to be recognized? Rawlings came to divide the country against the majority Akins and the minority ethnic groups. His (P) NDC administration has wounded our wonderful country severely. His action has created stronger division among those who follow his murderous principles. The majority believed that this knuckle head is not fully Ghanaians which Rawlings himself has proven that he is a carpet bagger during our nation’s 50th anniversary. Ghanaians should eliminate his political party he founded from our nation’s political system. As a spokesperson for the common people and those who do not have a voice in our political system, I urge everyone to eliminate the NDC party once and for all in the 2008 election. Ghana only needs UP which currently NPP and the CPP. This 50th anniversary was a great opportunity for the Convention People Party (CPP) to regroup and become the nation’s strongest opposition party. They should use Nkrumah image and unite all their members and go after the NDC vigorously to build their party. If the NDC does not exist the party he founded we won’t be hearing from this Knuckle head.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)
email: nanamank20012002@yahoo.com

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi