Ghana importing cassava from China reveals how hopeless the country has become

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Sat, 18 Dec 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Cassava is a tropical food, therefore, with large hectares of farms throughout Ghana and agriculture playing a significant role in the country’s economy, importing cassava from China for local consumption, doesn’t only reveal how useless a government is but also a without future.

Is it not shocking? According to a Google search, in 2019, Ghana became the 131st largest importer of Cassava in the world, costing the country $32.4k.

The search also revealed that Ghana imports cassava primarily from: Egypt, China, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. What is wrong with African leaders?

It’s clear the reason developed countries’ leaders have no respect for African leaders. Imagine, a country that has gold, bauxite, diamond, aluminum, etc, will leave all behind in Ghana and go to a developed country to borrow money, who will respect that African leader?

So if a country, like Ghana, can grow cassava to feed the nation, yet abandons such responsibility and import common cassava, what hope does the party in power has for the common people?

Importing Cassava doesn’t make sense yet the Ghana government does that, why?

I will explain, every corrupt government derives money from certain things; two of the major corruption schemes are building projects and importation.

When contracts are awarded to contractors, those who execute them, payback a lot of money to the government before the projects are started.

That is not the end, the government inflates the cost of projects in the contract, and when the payments are made that extra money is siphoned to private banks.

The second corruption scheme is importation. Why should the Ghana government import Cassava if the country can grow that crop?

If cassava is imported, they inflate the cost on the invoice, thus; if China exports, for example, $20,000 worth of cassava into the country, invoice covering that export can be made $50,000 in Ghana. If not, does Cassava importation from China make sense to any intelligent Ghanaian?

This is what is going on daily in Ghana associating awarding of contracts and the importation of goods into the country, while the government creates difficulties for the common people facing an unemployment crisis.

Ghana at the moment is a country that has no future. The common Ghanaians mustn’t be deceived that the NPP government has something special to do for them.

After five years in power, Ghana now faces the heaviest debt which will take over decades to pay, while the unemployment rate has increased.

The government must invest more in agriculture to feed the nation and provide jobs for the youth. Cassava importation should be a thing of the past. It's very shameful.

Columnist: Joel Savage