Ghana in sleepless times

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Sat, 3 Jul 2021 Source: Kunsaari A. Enbong

If what is happening in Wa is true. I have not got the full story but the tips indicate that the military is repeating the same unneeded mistake

of two days ago in Ejura.

All are results of targeted recruitment, haphazard enrolment, and reckless imposition of potential officers into the system.

After Delta forces vandalized and chased out of office, the Ashanti regional security coordinator and threatening to do more if they were not given security jobs in 2017, they have been recruited into the army and police services to satisfy their paymasters.

After political party vigilante groups were recommended to be disbanded by the Emil Shorts commission after the utmost abuse of national security and their assets, the NPP as the party in power made way for all these hooligans into our security services.

These officers were dispatched into the field prior to the 2020 decisive elections from the registration, exhibition through to the very day of the elections then into collations of results.

During voters registration, Banda got its fair share of this Democratic slavery as places like Zabzugu, Kasoa, and Techiman South tasted this bitter part of delta soldiers during the elections.

They killed not less than five people to keep comfortable the NPP government.

In less than half a year after the elections, the insensitive leadership of the security became a target, as innocent junior officers were sacrificed for the bad thoughts of their bosses.

A young innocent officer was short at the head and he must pass and as if that was not enough, the IGP has claimed that it is only heaven that there is no crime.

Having taken a cue from the speech of the IGP, some unknown politically motivated bodyguards according to the information of the arrested suspects, attacked a young man in Ejura who was nurturing himself as a responsible citizen, resulting in his untimely death few days after the attack.

Two more lives were sacrificed on 29th June 2021 for their decision to seek justice for their Comrade.

These were not natural deaths, or a mistaken shoot but an aimed military attack against unarmed civilians who are to be protected by the former.

Just this afternoon, the Wa incident is gaining ground and maybe the military will soon achieve the aim of their commander in Chief, H.E the military president of the Republic of Ghana. As all this happens, the state and for that matter the President seems content with the misconduct of these Delta military men and could only order for investigations at a time when Ghana rose on him.

Even though I blame the president who indeed must be blamed, I do same to the 13 minority MPs who form part of the parliamentary vetting committee for the ministers.

They failed Ghanaians and with due respect, should bow in shame and shamble as we go through these tough times in the hands of tyrants.

While the minority battled a united NPP for the speaker's position in the house of parliament, military men were commanded to invade Parliament against parliamentary standing orders and no army commander was held accountable, and none of the national security minister, minister for defense or the interior minister was denied the chance to continue this ill works against Ghanaians.

Our respected minority lost it when these three ministers pass the test including Hon. Hawa Koomson who turned into police personnel giving warning shots in the glare of her constituents. Our minority MPs could only enjoy the approval of these threats to their own lives.

Where are we heading to as a country? The president is paying the military debts of the PNDC, led by Jerry John. He cannot come after you as done before but will gradually achieve his aim.

Jerry is gone, what took him away, only God knows. We are not heading in the right direction.

The citizens must rise, NPP- Akuffo Addo-Bawumia government have failed us, as the opposition is taking steps to support the president achieve his aim.

God save our country.

Columnist: Kunsaari A. Enbong