Ghana is a nation that treats foreigners better than its people

Ghana Flag Peaceful Slo.jpeg The Ghana flag

Fri, 16 Sep 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Everyone knows that Ghana is the most peaceful nation in West Africa and that it has the friendliest people to foreigners of any nation on the continent.

Although Ghanaians hate themselves, the greeting "Akwaaba," which welcomes visitors to Ghana is conspicuously written at destination points at the airport.

Ghana is ruled by tribalism to such an extent that I occasionally wonder what function religion serves in this country, despite the existence of countless religious organizations and church leaders.

No Ghanaian who commits similar offenses abroad will go free from penalty or incarceration, especially in light of the crimes the Chinese perpetrate in Ghana with impunity.

The white man is frequently accused of racism and prejudice by an African or a Black man in Europe or the United States of America, but we need to ask ourselves: How much do we love each other here in Ghana? How frequently do Ghanaians criticize one another based on their origins before entertaining foreigners? If that isn't ignorance or hypocrisy, it's craziness.

Africans are still looking for their identity decades after slavery. Black people continue to experience suffering as if they are not human beings in both Europe and the United States of America. The situation for Africans should have improved, but it never does because Africans are split by tribalism and hatred. Since the Europeans witness what an African does to another African, it inspires them to harm Africans in several wicked ways that go unnoticed.

A man who purportedly claimed to be a municipal guard for the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly was seen on film kicking a woman. I have no idea what Maame Achiaa, the victim, did to deserve such horrific abuse. How on earth could a man treat a woman in such a way is the question. Are there no appropriate ways to call her if even she has broken the law?

If a country's judicial system is unsound, it may descend into violence and criminality. I never stop writing an article about Ghana's corrupt judiciary system. No matter how corrupt the legal system is in Europe or the US, it nevertheless provides strong service to ensure that criminals don't get away with their crimes, because of this, individuals, even politicians, are imprisoned in developed nations for their crimes.

Nothing works in Ghana because people take advantage of the weak foundation of the judicial system to commit significant crimes in our nation with impunity. Why do we permit foreigners to commit crimes in Ghana without consequence when Ghanaians cannot do it elsewhere without facing jail time?

Due to selfishness and tribalism, the current government in Ghana, which has irreparably damaged this nation, keeps gaining popularity. Akufo Addo has the gall to say that he will ensure that the NPP wins the elections in 2024 despite his tremendous corruption, which includes the theft of COVID funding, and despite not winning the 2020 elections.

Such words pose a threat to democracy because the president's statement means that even if he is not going to win the 2024 elections, as happened in 2020, he would still ensure that the NPP.

No sane person in Ghana objected to the president's careless statement, not even the Attorney General, Godfred Dame.

The attorney general, however, has taken action against John Mahama, the former president of Ghana, for criticizing the judiciary over the wrongdoings that are harming the nation and its citizens. If these occurrences go unchecked daily, what can you as a Ghanaian expect from the NPP government?

I'm very perplexed by the damage that Akufo Addo's administration has inflicted on our country and its citizens. They never bring up their inefficiencies, which caused the banks to fail, or the embezzlement of public funds, particularly the COVID funds that were deposited in overseas accounts.

They don't discuss the failed E-Levy, which resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs nationwide, nor do they discuss the high unemployment rate or the fact that patients, including expectant mothers, die in hospitals. Instead, what I hear is the breaking of the 8th cycle. This demonstrates Akufo Addo's wickedness.

Akufo Addo has nothing to give Ghana since he is an opportunist, not a wise leader. His wickedness has made him unpopular, bringing him more disgrace than prosperity, and it will stay that way. My main concern is the embarrassment that will surround those who support him and the additional harm he will inflict on Ghana before stepping down from office.

Since it's simple to conduct shady business dealings with foreigners to amass wealth, the NPP administration treats them better than Ghanaians. It is time for Ghanaians who love their country to ensure that foreign criminals are deported and that any foreigner acting suspiciously is reported; this would help to reduce corruption and criminal activity in the nation.

Columnist: Joel Savage