Ghana is no more an easy country for the common Ghanaians

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Sat, 9 Apr 2022 Source: Joel Savage

If it’s easy for Ghanaians to demonstrate against Akufo Addo, to demand the president to step down, they will have done that but they can't because both the corrupt police and the judiciary system are controlled by the president.

The Ghana Police claims to protect the citizens but under their watchful eyes, the Ghanaian president continues to abuse his power as he has turned Ghana’s democracy into a dictatorial regime. Akufo Addo doesn’t only disrespect Ghanaians but also hates certain tribes in Ghana.

Thus; he has been able to divide the people with great support within a country that has become a nightmare for the common people. In some developing countries, let alone, the developed, Akufo Addo had no chance to be a president after lying over and over without fulfilling his promises.

Akufo Addo was able to deceive Ghanaians that the former Ghanaian president, John Mahama is corrupt and, therefore, he is coming to make things better. He also promised them that since the NDC administration has piled up too many taxes on them, his priority is cut taxes if he becomes president.

In 2016, his dreams became true when he was declared the winner against the NDC’s presidential candidate. Along the line, Ghanaians realized that Akufo Addo didn’t become a president to protect the public’s purse, as he had promised.

Under his government, many banking institutions collapsed, people lost their jobs and the unemployment rate increased significantly affecting the economy. Chronic corruption and reckless spending, adversely affected the currency, making it one of the weakest in West Africa.

After abandoning so many projects left uncompleted by the NDC government, Akufo Addo continues to cut sods without any project insight, yet, he has incurred a huge debt on Ghana without accountability. Despite this, many still hate Mahama for no reason or because he comes for the north.

Like a dictator, Akufo Addo, the once president who promised to cut taxes, has now imposed a new tax as E-Levy despite the total rejection by the people. Unfortunately, Ghanaians have to suffer like that but they are responsible because many believe in tribalism than development.

Silence has fallen on Ghana because everyone is afraid to criticize Akufo Addo and it seems he is enjoying that because he can’t stand criticism, even though he criticized Mahama who is more intelligent, competent, and industrious than him.

As I said earlier, Ghanaians are responsible for whatever is happening to them today because they were in the country when Akufo Addo appointed his relative, Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finance Minister. Tribalism weakens the foundation of every successful government because corruption is inevitable.

Today, Ghanaians are under psychological torture, extreme hardships, and uncertainty but the truth is that their suffering is far from over because Akufo Addo has no leadership skills, he is corrupt, doesn’t know how to create jobs and above all, he still has some years in office until 2024.

Columnist: Joel Savage