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Ghana needs democratic radicalism and Kennedy is the only hope

Ghana is at the stage where we need a radical change, the people with the degrees have burnt the country beyond the Celsius in degrees and we need democratic radicalism to cool off .

We need industralization to eradicate the poverty stricken economy which in reality is nothing to write home about.

Our country need a man with the practical growth and industralization as part of his personal achievements and not theories and credentials which proves futile on the field of work as we can witness in our country with unpleasant leadership decisions today .

Our country is back to the days where there seemed to be no savior and corruption has grown bigger than the maggots living in the cemetery .

The country seems to wander in the political lies of wonder and deceit as the citizens toil to make up to one used a day.

The country can only boast of a luxurious executive and not citizenry. The certificate driven politics seems to draw our country into the shadows of a day dreamer and his theories.

We need a radical change in the country and since we have respect for democracy then we need a persona with charisma, courage, honesty and the potential of resourcefulness as an individual to spearhead the leadership mantle of this nation .

We need a leader whose self achievements are more visible and practical than the degrees that are awarded within the four corners of a school.

We need a radical street minded cooperate family and people oriented leader to drive this generation into the great destiny our motherland is designed to be.

We need yet another meticulous and bold persona with influence and affluence to drive our nation from the wrecks of the theory of borrowing with the treasures of the majority to glorify the powerful minority .

We need to trace back to the words that formed the post colonial national Anthem that laid onus on us as citizens and not the latter that doesn't show us the roots to our greatness.

Honorable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is a self made business man who has been a great instrument in the industrial revolution and growth in our country since independence.

He is brave beyond the description of bravery and his act of generosity tells how powerful he will be to oversee to the welfare of the masses when given the power to serve and work with the treasures ,trust and power of the masses.

He is that man with the cooperate and street intelligence and his belief in honesty is a great mark of his outspokenness on issues that victimize the populace .

His radical persona led to his radical growth and achievement in our society and has created a radical breathing space for thousands of families whom are employees of his radical business expansion and initiatives.

His cognition ability to invest in preservation of food for future consumption should tell where his mind is set .

He aims at individually building the biggest cold store in Africa to cater for an entire continent.

He is the only hope for our country.
Columnist: Kwaku Kristo
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