Ghana needs efficient leadership, not IMF to turn around the country's disastrous economy

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Mon, 15 Aug 2022 Source: Joel Savage

I'm sorry to say that you are living in a fool's paradise if you are a Ghanaian who is hoping that the International Monetary Fund will help solve your problems and revive the crumbling disastrous economy. Ghanaians are going through extreme hardships, a severe unemployment crisis, and other problems because of poor leadership.

This article will demonstrate why an informed Ghanaian should not believe the NPP government or President Nana Akufo Addo's claim that he will change the country's economy to improve the lives of ordinary Ghanaians. People with intelligence don't talk too much; instead, they take action.

Before Akufo Addo took office as president six years ago, there had been long-running promises to improve conditions for Ghanaians. He made these claims when Ghana's economy was in one of the best positions, promising to convert the country into Dubai and make it a land of milk and honey.

Rich resources like gold, timber, oil, diamonds, cocoa, and others that have historically brought Ghana significant foreign cash and enough jobs for the underprivileged, through the leadership of previous governments, have been wasted by Akufo Addo.

Incompetence, careless spending, bank failures, the devaluation of the currency, a high rate of inflation, and crime have all contributed to the situation where it may take Ghana more than ten years to return to normal.

What makes you think that Akufo Addo or the NPP government can change the economy and provide jobs for the thousands of young people who are jobless and unsure of where their next meal will come from each day? What you think the IMF can accomplish under the same destructive, inept administration is more crucial.

Every Ghanaian has to realize that the country's current issue is not one of finances but rather of leadership. Ghana has the resources to rebuild its economy and create a sufficient number of jobs, but much of this money, including COVID-19 funds, has been stolen. As a result, both the economy and the lives of the general populace are negatively impacted by chronic corruption, turning Ghana's fortunes upside down.

Despite labeling the NDC politicians thieves, do Ghanaians realize how much money the NPP politicians have surreptitiously taken and how much riches they have accumulated?

Given that the money will go through the same inept government that has ruined the nation and its economy, what is the assurance that the International Monetary Fund is the sole way to get Ghana back on track? Think about this, fellow Ghanaians.

The money and wealth that Mr. Kojo Owusu Afriyie, the former CEO of the Forestry Commission, and Mr. Eugene Arhin, the president's director of communication, both acquired within the shortest time after entering politics tell Ghanaians that the majority of NPP politicians have amassed more than that, which nobody knows until they are exposed.

I struggle to make Ghana a place where it is worthwhile to live because I am a Ghanaian who loves his nation. Therefore, the goal of my articles that offer constructive criticism is to improve Ghana. I don't criticize because I despise the NPP or Akufo Addo, but rather because I am not a tribal bigot who would support a dysfunctional administration that doesn't care about the average citizen.

Apart from myself, I think many Ghanaian politicians, including those in the NDC and NPP, quickly saw that the president's extravagant lifestyle and reckless spending would bring the nation to its knees. I warned the president in a number of articles, calling him a thief in a few of them, but nothing came of it.

It still makes me angry when people like Ken Agyapong, this dishonest politician, attack Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the member of parliament for North Tongu, whenever he criticizes President Akufo-Addo for using opulent jets to travel abroad. Today, politician Agyapong, whose call for the murder of a journalist on public television resulted in the murder, wants to be president.

Ghana is a great country because of people with specific names, like Kwame Nkrumah, but there will come a time when Ghanaians will no longer be proud to say they are from the country because it has turned into a hotbed of crime and embezzlement, and, more importantly, because every corrupt or criminal politician believes he can become president. It's too bad.

The biggest crisis will continue to affect Ghana because the issue is the lack of good leadership rather than finances, even if the IMF steps in to save the nation. Akufo Addo is a man of many faces, and he is aware of the one that makes people feel compassion for him and believe in him but because he has a dark portion of a heart which he has grown with it, he will never change or be remorseful.

Columnist: Joel Savage