Ghana would have long fallen as a country if the NPP had ruled longer than the NDC did

NDC And NPP Flag 1 The tribal identity of a president or those in power in Ghana is more important than advancement

Thu, 4 Aug 2022 Source: Joel Savage

The NPP party was successful in persuading Ghanaians that the NDC government's mismanagement of the nation's finances, persistent corruption, high unemployment rate, and crime rates were to blame for the country's current economic woes. However, Ghanaians now know that they are the worst because of what they have seen today.

Tribalism in Ghana has a bigger impact than a hurricane, which is why the dishonest NPP government was able to get attention. As a result, the tribal identity of a president or those in power in a nation is more important than advancement. Ghanaians chose Akufo-Addo over Mahama for this reason.

Any sensible person can see that if the NPP had ruled the country for longer than the NDC, the country would have been destroyed early in comparison to Mahama's reign, which was deemed to be hopeless. The NPP government was an ineffective political organisation, for them to gain fortune faster than the NDC, they accused Mahama of corruption. More importantly, Akufo-Addo is an opportunist, not a leader.

We cannot ignore certain critical issues. Ghanaians must remember that the president, whom the NPP government accused of being corrupt, oversaw a number of projects, including affordable housing projects, hospitals, and schools, many of which were never fully completed.

However, taking into account Ghana's current hardships, the collapsed economy, the depreciated currency, the high rate of crime, corruption, and unemployment, it gives one ample information that many Ghanaians may have faced significant life challenges if the NPP government had ruled for a longer period of time than the NDC.

The most hazardous aspect of any government is its unwillingness to take responsibility for the harm its policies cause to everyday folks. A careless government is one that doesn't take accountability for any misconduct. One of the causes of the NPP's failure, but they haven't drawn any conclusions from it.

For instance, the SIM card re-registration that is taking place in Ghana under the direction of Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, the Minister of Communications and Digitalization, is causing some of the worst times in the lives of Ghanaians. However, when she receives criticism, she responds, "I'm not responsible for Ghana card difficulties."

Why did the Minister of Communications and Digitalization become a Minister if she is not prepared to take on responsibilities? Because of the fact that everyone enjoys their ineptitude without consequence and criminal activity with impunity, these are severe concerns hurting Ghana as a nation.

Without a doubt, if the NPP government had ruled longer than the NDC, Ghana would have experienced its worst economic and political crisis, involving the country's debt, a collapsed economy, and depressed currency, all within just five years. The severe hardships may drive many poor Ghanaians to commit suicide.

Columnist: Joel Savage