Ghanaian children are unknown in their own country, deprived of benefits

Ghana Flag New Old The author belives Ghana should adopt the digitally-recorded babies’ technology.

Mon, 20 Dec 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Long before the baby is born, in many developing and developed countries, the fact that being a parent is hard and requires a high degree of responsibility, determination, and perseverance, the government provides child benefits to assist the parents.

However, it is very sad that a country like Ghana, despite being rich in oil, gold, diamond, bauxite, and numerous agricultural products, including timber, children have no child support and benefit systems.

This is one main reason which reveals Ghana is a bad country and also the leaders are corrupt.

In developed countries, as soon as the baby arrives in the world, the child is digitally recorded, from the time the child begins to walk, speak, and starts school, the government provides child support till secondary school, unfortunately, such children benefit systems don’t exist in Ghana.

Once a child is not properly documented or birth not digitally registered, that child is unknown because there is no computerized data to remind the Ghanaian government to take responsibility by providing child support or benefits for that child.

Many developing countries to give better support to children are embracing the digitally-recorded babies’ technology.

For example, on July 8, 2021, Brazil successfully digitally registered its first baby, thanks to a partnership between the 5th Register of Individuals of Rio de Janeiro and the San Jose Health Center, where the child was born.

As life is becoming more expensive in Ghana and the prices of commodities increasing daily, the Ghanaian government must begin to provide child benefits because the country is not too poor to do that. It is also the right of the children to enjoy the benefits of the state resources.

Another point is that this digitally birth recorded technology can be applied in different segments, for example, the citizens' address registration, which will be a quick solution to determine the number of people in the country at the time of the census after a number of years.

Columnist: Joel Savage