Ghanaian studying in China narrates how she escaped racially motivated rape

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Mon, 20 Jan 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian vlogger Blackgirl Stan, studying in China has spoken out about the horrifying ordeal she went through when sexual harassers tried pulling a fast one on her in Guangzhou, China.

It all started after her 10-hour train ride ended at Chocolate City one late evening.

“This was during the winter and I was traveling from my school to a different city which I have heard was like a hub for black people. If you live in China, you definitely know that being black is hard. I just wanted to go there because I wanted to connect with other black people. Eat lots of African foods etc,” she narrates.

The Ghanaian student in China, who is majoring in International Relations was looking out for a hotel to lodge when she nearly fell into the wrong hands.

"I actually got off the train and my phone battery was dead. I tried countless times to book a hotel online but I wasn’t successful at that. I found a hotel that was close to the train station but unfortunately it was exclusive to nationals. Foreigners could not stay there,” she said.

The more she searched the harder it became for her to find one. As she stood in frustration trying to figure out what she could do, a Chinese man came her way and offered to help.

By the time she could say jack, other males jumped out of nowhere to surround her. The men started buying her attention with harassment dressed as though they were compliments.

The harassment was the culmination of an escalating perception of black girls being prostitutes in Guangzhou's Chocolate City, she explained.

Blackgirl further said that, “Chinese men see having sex with a black woman as an achievement”.

The harassers were baffled by her expressiveness in the Chinese language and this made them believe she was no newbie. In frustration, five of the males left, while one still forged on conversation with her.

“He asked me to walk to his home to have a sleep. I declined. He further requested we booked a room so both of us could spend time together. I objected that too. He gave up on helping me and he left”.

Her friend's advice, which she had drilled into Blackgirl as a fresh woman in China kept hitting her mind.

“Please be careful out there as a black woman. Keep a cool head,” she recalls.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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