Ghanaian youths are not ready for any 'all die be die' general elections in 2024

Fist Of Ghana Flag 1 We have only one Ghana and one nation

Thu, 30 Sep 2021 Source: Kwadwo Ye-large

It is high time the youth gathered courage to tell the politicians that if they don't have any good thing to say, they should better shut up.

The youth are not ready to jeopardise and bastardise the peaceful atmosphere in the country.

Every country's future depends on the youth, for they are the future leaders to hold the fort to develop the country.

No youth should allow any politician to influence and incite you for violence, because of political power.

Most of the politicians are only interested to win power and loot the public purse rather than to develop the country, by creating jobs for the youth, to reduce the rate of youth unemployment.

Some of the politicians deliberately allow the youth to go through economic and financial hardship by refusing to empower the them.

The youth should think about their future and ask themselves that, how many politicians in the country's children join a demonstration or involve in violence.

They seek for better future for their wards by sending them to school abroad for education and civilisation.

This clearly shows that some of the politicians don't think about the Ghanaian youth, so the youth should advice themselves.

Mostly, when they start playing war drums, they have the youth in mind to sponsor and support their wicked agenda, because without the youth rallying behind them, it will be very difficult to achieve their plans.

Most of them have enriched themselves with big bank accounts, so even if Ghana will be in flames and get destroyed, they don't care.

If they realise that the youth won't tolerate their wicked ambitions they will sit up.

We have only one Ghana and one nation.

We shouldn't allow anybody's political interest to disturb the peace in the country.

The politicians should think twice anytime they speak, there are senior citizens in the country who sometimes panic and fear when they hear such irresponsible statements.

If they want public attention, they should preach what will benefit and develop the youth than talking about what will incite the youth for the country's destruction.

They should think about how to manage and govern the country to improve the standard of living of the Ghanaian people.

Ghanaian youth don't need war, they are interested in peace, prosperity and development.

Columnist: Kwadwo Ye-large