Ghanaians and artworks

National Theatre.png The National Theatre of Ghana

Sat, 6 Nov 2021 Source: Erica Lekey

Talk about the National Theatre and you will be asked questions and the most asked is, what is actually done in the theatre aside play?

The National Theatre of Ghana has its lasting name in the minds of most citizens yet, most people do not know what it is really comprised of. Just like other organizations, the theatre is made up of various departments which helps it function. Departments like programs, public relations and marketing, administration, and the list continues.

The major part of the theatre that keeps defining its existence is the National Dance Company, National Drama Company and the National Symphony Orchestra. All these companies work hand in hand to promote craft, cultural diversity, and art in general.

The ancient cultures in Ghana have seen a massive spread in the nation and beyond through arts.

The National Theatre since 1992 has been an art industry dealing in creativity in terms of fashion, music, languages, dance, food, and various productions.

There are individual desires and needs for art and it engages the various senses of emotions to embrace the satisfaction of art through various means of communication.

Art is an avenue of resolving various problems and creating relief. The media can not be left out in the promotion of arts, music, drama, film, painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, decorative arts, photography, installation, production, and social platforms; they aid in its progressiveness.

In line with the vision of the Theatre, "To be the beacon of the Performing Arts in Ghana" various programs and artworks by Ghanaians here and abroad like the upcoming theatre art Ayiyii in November 2021, shows the effortless struggles in maintaining and sustaining the Ghanaian culture.

Columnist: Erica Lekey