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Ghanaians have regretted voting for Akufo-Addo - Rev Badu Kobi

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Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Head Pastor and Founder of Glorious Wave Church International has revealed that a prophecy he gave out after the 2016 general elections, indicating that Ghanaians will regret six months into President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's administration, is in the process of coming to fruition.

Prophet Kobi, who is mostly attributed to controversial pronouncements about political figures, said on Kofi TV that, the current happenings in the country under the new administration is evident Ghanaians are not happy.

“I prophesied after the 2016 elections that I give this government only six months, after six months, Ghanaians will start complaining. If I am lying, look for yourself. I don’t hate him but I speak the truth,” he told host Kofi Adomah.

He quizzed the feasibility of the Free SHS program and the One District one Factory project, saying despite the numerous projects the government may embark on, Ghanaians will end up complaining till the next general elections.

“Nana Akufo-Addo and I see spiritually that his coming to Ghana to rule doesn’t go well for Ghana. And I can say so boldly anywhere and explain. His coming is never good for Ghana. I am not saying they won’t do anything. They will do a lot but by 2020, Ghanaians will be complaining.”

“Have they paid all the Free SHS? What has happened to the One District one Factory? I am not saying they won’t do anything, I am saying after their six months in power, *Ghanaians have will regret (sic)*,” he mentioned.

He went on to condemn the Free SHS policy saying everything about the project was just wrong, touching on the view that free things always come at a great cost.

“One thing I really hate is the Free SHS. Anything free doesn’t change people. Look at the end of countries that did free things, they did not become productive. God did not create us for free things. He created us to earn and do what we want with what we gain. And the government is going to feed and take care of my child? With what? Any free thing doesn’t give you room to think. It doesn’t give you room to be productive."

He said the notion that he is affiliated to a particular political party when he makes assertions about their style of governance was uncalled for, as being non-partisan, he seeks to speak the truth and leave the rest to the masses.

“When President Mahama was president I was always advising him to sack Seth Terkper, he does not do well. He is a tax man. But we are at a point where people think because I am always descending on the NPP, I must be an NDC member. I have nothing to say. Time will tell. It will get to a point they will realize I am non-partisan, I am nationalistic. That time will come,” he stated.

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