Ghanaians should scrap 'spirit of self-hatred' - Duncan-Williams

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Wed, 11 Sep 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Presiding Bishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan Williams has entreated Ghanaians to scrap the culture of sabotaging themselves.

According to him, though such culture is controlled by an operating spirit called self-hatred, it can be done away with if Ghanaians learn to as part of their daily lifestyles, to help celebrate one another - something all advanced countries have adopted.

"This culture we have of not celebrating one another, not loving one another; something that transcends to our day to day lives where it affects your pockets, it affects mine; your image, it affects my image.

It is a spirit operating through a culture of self-hatred. We hate one another, our problem is us and until we create a new culture and are deliberate about this new culture to help one another to succeed, to push one another to do well and to celebrate the success of one another".

The archbishop said this on Tuesday's edition of Metro TV's Good Evening Ghana with host Paul Adom-Otchere, monitored by Ghanaweb.

He added that, because of this negative culture, well-to-do Ghanaians in the diaspora are scared to help their fellow Ghanaians.

"I was in Singapore, and I met this Ghanaian who was doing very well and he said I was the second Ghanaian to come to his house....because if my people come to see where I live, I will lose my job", he supported his claim with a story.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams said this culture has transcended to the national level where politicians sabotage good political policies by the incumbent government for their selfish interests.

"When one government comes into office, and they attempt to do something the government before hasn't done, the government before will sabotage you. Because why should you do something that we didn't do. It makes us look bad before the people and it makes you look good before the people. So we have to do everything to sabotage you", he said.

The General Overseer of the Action Faith Chapel International had earlier called out the government of Ghana for failing to help indigenous entrepreneurs thrive and create generational wealth.

The man of God praised the Nigerian government for having helped Aliko Dangote to succeed as a Nigerian businessman.

He then condemned successive governments of Ghana for their failure to support Ghanaian entrepreneurs to reach the heights attained by persons such as Mr Dangote.

“Mr. Dangote is a Nigerian. And the Nigerian government made sure that one of their own will rise to become a household name. Nigeria has, at least, raised up one, come up with policies to have one of their own to become huge, big and great than foreigners. But in this country…at least for 62 years, there should be one indigenous bank…succeeding,” he explained.

The General Overseer also complained about how Ghanaians prefer to help foreigners while neglecting their own.

Giving an example to buttress his observation, he said that Zoomlion Ghana Limited, a Ghanaian company gets hounded by successive governments because the company is Ghanaian: " I don’t want to be political but if you look at people like Zoomlion and others, Zoomlion is a Ghanaian, but every government that has come will go after Zoomlion because they don’t understand why a Ghanaian should make it that big.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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