Ghanaians shouldn't kill their wives because of condoms

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Sun, 21 Aug 2022 Source: Joel Savage

This week, one of the saddest items that caught my eye was about a husband who killed his wife because she demanded they use a condom. I need to go into more detail in this post to explain to people who might think this case is not a big deal and to help Ghanaians understand that the country is at a place where things are getting harder every day and that women need more support to survive.

Most men lose the ability of their brains to function when it comes to sex. Women consider their actions carefully before ever giving herself to a man. That’s why many men can sleep with any woman, as long as the person has a breast and a vagina. It goes without saying that one should use considerable caution when having sex with a lady, especially one who is unknown.

The condom is one of the most often used contraceptive methods since it lowers the chance of getting a dangerous STD. Therefore, you must always use a condom unless you're having sex with a reputable woman you know. That may aid in avoiding difficulties and unwanted pregnancies

In contrast, the situation of the woman who was brutally murdered by her husband is different. She wishes to avoid becoming pregnant because she already has five children to care for and feed. However, the husband, who disregarded his wife's counsel, got into an argument with her, stripped her of her clothing, and fatally killed her during the struggle.

At this point, I begin to think of the man as a highly egotistical individual who is likely illiterate or dumb enough to not comprehend his wife. Five children are plenty, according to the deceased, who may have been more intellectual or educated than the husband. As a result, she needs to take precautions to prevent a population explosion and financial troubles.

If males knew what a 9-month pregnancy is all about, they could genuinely sympathize with women's situation. Since men were not intended to carry children, many of them treat women disrespectfully. If you want to offer your children a better education in Ghana today, when corruption has devastated the livelihood of the bulk of the population, you should consider family planning.

Ghana is quickly becoming overpopulated, yet many people are uninformed about how to start making changes. More than 20% of children die in childbirth as a result of the fact that many mothers are compelled to give birth to many children. The primary cause of Africa's high birth rate is people's desire to leave behind children; regrettably, many cannot even afford to feed and educate their progeny.

Many people on the continent are considered to be below the poverty line. They are unable to comprehend what their kids will do tomorrow, such as attending school, finding employment, etc. They merely bear children. The general public does not consider what to feed the child or what to do with it after that. There is a complete lack of knowledge in Africa on the need of pursuing a career before starting a family.

I shall recommend various settlements in Accra to people who are unaware of the concept of overpopulation. Visit areas like Korle-Gonno, Chorkor, Bukom, and other congested areas in Accra if you want to witness how having unplanned children has affected society. Then, contrast how the environs are seen now, with roughly 20 years ago.

During one of my trips to Ghana, I went to Korle-Gonno and was astonished by what I witnessed. In the Korle-Gonno areas, buildings have been built all over to make space for children, resulting in hazardous conditions and unsightly sheds and shifts that are dispersed everywhere. In order to accommodate people, even the shortest routes that could be used to connect the nearby streets have been obstructed by wooden buildings.

Since Ghana is known for its robust religious culture, many people there live by the biblical command to "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the world, and dominate it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the skies, and over every living thing that moves on the ground." If this is true, Ghanaians must not see this as permission to overpopulate their nation.

Because if Ghanaians don't practice family planning by having too many children, Ghana will encounter population pressure within the next 20 to 30 years, which will lead to both internal and foreign strain. I also have no idea what will happen after diseases like HIV, Aids, Ebola, and other "miraculous" ones that suddenly came on the continent from heaven, since the continent has become a target for foreign nations because of its abundant resources.

I don't want to get too deeply into these diseases created by humans that continue to wreak havoc in Africa in an effort to diminish the population so that they can profit from the resources they are plundering from Africa. I will, however, advise any educated Ghanaian to begin a rigorous family planning program. I'll also urge the Ghanaian government to take a significant leadership position in this family planning issue.

One of the reasons foreign governments are pressuring several African nations, including Ghana, to legalize homosexuality is to prevent Ghana's population from growing. Homosexuality should remain where it belongs because the majority of Ghanaians are uninterested.

Although some men claim that condoms lessen the sensitivity of sex, there are no obvious drawbacks to using them. However, in today's society, if you don't know what sacrifice is or wouldn't be a smart person to control your sexual desires, you'll either end up in prison after killing your wife or you'll become a victim of one of these foreign "miraculous" diseases that kill Africans without a warning.

Columnist: Joel Savage