Ghanaians, tell any politician who promises to fight corruption in the country to shut up

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Fri, 11 Jun 2021 Source: Joel Savage

The promise of successive Ghanaian governments to fight, defeat and eliminate corruption in the country is something I heard when I was a little boy, yet no Ghanaian president has been able to achieve this even though it’s not warfare involving guns and grenades.

It’s very interesting to hear everyone, including politicians, condemning and talking about corruption, however, many of them talking about how they will tackle down the bull of corruption by the horns, are themselves the ring leaders and masters of the crime.

In Ghana, corruption is part of everything, including the constitution. They include general theft in the state trade, inflating of invoices, diverting funds into private accounts, bribes to judges, bribes to doctors, and so on.

Ghanaian politicians keep telling the people that through digitalization, the country will block every avenue that corruption passes, yet they do not have any means to stop government officials and those occupying high positions from receiving bribes or stealing from the state coffers.

What is hard to understand about corruption in Ghana is many of the people involved have more money than they can spend, yet they steal and steal without end.

Nobody cares about the suffering of the common people, what they care about is to continue to steal more and more because after some years they will not be serving the country anymore. What a country?

While the opposition keeps screaming about corruption, you will hear some Ghanaians saying “when they were in power, you did it, now that they have no money, therefore, they are screaming about corruption.”

So because the NDC did that, the NPP must also do it? And you as a Ghanaian, where is your intelligence to judge to acknowledge the fact that it's wrong for the NPP to do the same even though the NDC did that?

How do you expect Ghana to be a successful country if you encourage that?

There has been nothing like a visible decrease in corruption in Ghana. It has increased proportionately and spread its tentacles like an octopus reaching every corner of the country.

The truth is we shall continue to write about corruption in Ghana and expose everyone involved until you change your dirty characters or enter hell with them.

Columnist: Joel Savage