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Ghanaians will experience positive change in 2017 – Bishop

The Founder and General Overseer of the Upper Room Assembly Bishop Beatrice Dzandu Hedidor says the change in government that took place in the just ended general elections on December 7th is one that will reflect positively in the lives of Ghanaians.

She said Ghanaians must put aside all their political differences and come together as a people to move the nation forward.

Bishop Hedidor made the comments on the sidelines of an annual feast for members of the Upper Room Assembly in Tema.

“The new change that is been experienced in the country on the political front is a blessing that will reflect in the lives of Ghanaians in the year 2017 and beyond. In 2017 Ghanaians will laugh and things will be fine with everybody” Bishop Hedidor noted that Ghanaians must come together and have faith in God and things will change for the better.

“We need to pray hard and have faith in God and come together as a people with one heart and one mind and everything will be ok else we shall suffer. I believe strongly that in 2017 things will be better; no more sorrows and no more cries so we need to continue praying because we belong to one father.”

She said politics should not be allowed to destroy the country as Ghana is a blessed nation that can be likened to Israel.

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