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Akufo Addo Does Not Need to Debunk His Innocence

Akufo Addo Does Not Need to Debunk His Innocence

Fri, 22 Jul 2011 Source: Ibrahim, Patriot Faisal

.....in Drug Addiction Accusation!

I read with disbelief an article authored by one Stephen Agyemang with title “Can Akufo Addo Debunk His Innocence in Drug Addict Accusation?” published on ghanaweb.com on the 20th of July, 2011.

As a Ghanaian electorate, I will like to answer an emphatic “YES”. In fact Akufo Addo does not need to debunk anything. Drug addicts exhibit some physical behaviors that are difficult to conceal. Akufo Addo has been in a politics for over three decades now; I am yet to see or hear of him exhibiting any of such behaviors. I am particularly inspired by of Akufo Addo’s prowess in oratory. His speaks to the inner beings of his audience. He inspires people to achieve greater things in life. It is not surprising that lawyers who practiced under him are top lawyers in the country.

The allegation that Akufo Addo is a drug addict was a key character assassination campaign message of the ruling NDC party in the 2008 general elections. One would have thought having used such wicked ways into power; they will give Ghanaians some peace by at least developing the country. The NDC government is more interested in propaganda and lies. The drug addiction propaganda might have worked in 2008 but I am sure it will not work in 2012. Especially when cost of living has risen to unbearable levels though government says inflation is single digit. In fact the costs of government projects have increased by over 200% since 2008 but inflation we are told is single digit. Some Ghanaians who bought into the propaganda of the NDC in 2008 have resolved to reject the NDC in the 2012 elections.

In the said article, the author suggested some NDC politicians who had allegations around their necks have publicly denied them. “For example, during 2008 general election campaign, the incumbent president, President Mills, was accused of not being a good parent. Accordingly, he (President Mills) came out impeccably to debunk that allegation that he had been more of a good father than been a politician on Metro TV (KSM show) and many FM stations across the country.” So Stephen thinks by merely denying those allegations, Ghanaians must accept it as the truth. This is a clear manifestation of naivety on his part. He goes further to state “Similarly, just recently, Hannah Bissiw, the current Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing was disgracefully accused of grabbing two expensive tax cedis mansions in her hometown (Techimantia) by Daily Searchlight newspaper. She (Hannah Bissiw) also came out boldly to debunk and condemn the report that if she needed two mansions…”

After sheepishly citing these examples, he further expose his deficiencies by stating “Now imagine, you and I as Ghanaians voting such a drug addict into power as the president, his brain might be horribly gingered by cocaine and wee to sign wicked international contracts to put the whole country into a big jeopardy. Moreover trading of drugs would become easy to and from other countries because he himself (Akufo Addo) would be demanding for some to use.”

At this point I couldn’t help but react. The politics of our country has been on the decline to the gutters. People in high public and political offices just say anything. In fact, the system in place now rewards youth who are good at insulting and throwing mud at others. The President has been cited for championing this morally corrupt concept. The youthful ministers in his government are people who were good at telling lies and deceit during the 2008 elections. I can readily mention, Hon. Fiifi Kwetey, who stated categorically that the Kufuor led government has sold all the gold reserves of the country. He said the Kufuor administration have robbed us of all the gold reserves that have been stored since independence. Even when the public relations officer of Bank of Ghana, issued a statement denying it, this man stood by his lies.

In rewarding this passionate liar, President Mills appointed him as Deputy Minister of no less a ministry than the Finance Ministry. The Ministry that supervises Bank of Ghana, what an irony many thought. If this minister had any sense of respect for Ghanaians, he would have at least issued a statement, since he was appointed minister to apologize that he erred. May be his information then was wrong, but NO! He will do no such thing; he holds the view the Ghanaian electorate is a fool. In fact the high position he finds himself has not even helped him polish his behavior. His interviews are full of subtle insults and outright lies. He recently told Ghanaians, a document prepared by his boss to be sent to the International Monetary Fund extolling the prudent management of the economy by the Kufuor administration was not a true reflection of the state of affairs.

The insult-reward system in the NDC has given impetus to people like Stephen Agyemang to waste human effort in writing the said article. May be he will also be rewarded. This notion held by many NDC youth has made the fight against indecent politicking difficult.

In the wonder land of Stephen, by merely denying an allegation then that allegation is false. If that weak logic is anything to go by then Akufo Addo has denied this allegation many times, why is Stephen Agyemang and his visionless government wasting our time? As recent as November, 2010, Akufo Addo humbly stated that “I have never tasted or sniffed cocaine. Why are my detractors attacking my personality, saying that I am a drug addict?” If Stephen was knowledgeable about happenings in the country he would have known this. May be he knew this but as usual, repeat the lies, and paint Akufo Addo black, the reward is on the way syndrome is motivating him to lie. Indeed the Vice President, John Mahama who was a colleague legislature spoke against this drug allegation against Akufo Addo. The VEEP said, he has known Akufo Addo for many years in parliament and he can vouch Akufo Addo is not on any drugs.

Stephen and his NDC party can be rest assured that the 2012 elections will be based on the promises of the NDC against their performance. The drug addiction allegation will be a non starter, even with those allegations Akufo Addo lost by some few thousands of votes. Issues like the One Time National Health Insurance Premium, 250 million start-up fund for SADA, Ghanaians becoming refugees in Togo, Ministers and appointees building mansions in record times, foot soldiers beating MMDA Chief Executives, Road Tolls increase by 1000%, Flow meter on FPSO removed for wooden ruler to be used to measure our crude oil, 70 pupils in a classroom after the abolishment of the shift system, the fishing sector growing by -5%, 320 million Ghana cedis allocation to GNPC without explanation, Agriculture sector decline by over 30% due to 14% decline in budget allocation, price of basic commodities increasing by over 200%, shortage of gas, 3000 steel workers sacked due to power interruptions and many bread and butter issues will dominate the attention of Ghanaian electorates.

It has just been reported that the Chief Executive Officer of National Health Insurance Authority has ordered health providers in parts of the country should demand cash payment for medical treatment. The Rawlings led NDC administration introduced the cash and carry system in the health sector. The Kufuor led NPP government abolished that system because many Ghanaians died under that system. NHIS was introduced to save lives, only for the better Ghana agenda to take us back to the deadly cash and carry system again.

God save us!



Columnist: Ibrahim, Patriot Faisal