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Ghana's educational system

Ghana's educational system

Thu, 15 Sep 2011 Source: Kumi, Rebecca Ntiriwaa

One would wonder what will make someone from another country travel all

the way to Ghana just because of education. it is not as if they do not

have schools in their various countries. there are so many people who

troop in to Ghana to have a better education, this is an indication that the

educational system in Ghana is one of the best in the whole wide

world. could this be the reason for the prang up of so many private

tertiary institutions in the country? gone are the days where people

were worried as to whether they were going to get admission into the

university, nursing or teacher training etc. because of their grade. but this seem

not to be the worries of people anymore, what now is of worry to people is whether

ones finances are good enough to take care of the fees and other assortments.

so what becomes the next step after graduating from school? 'job

hunting', and this doesn't go for everybody, it goes for those with lack

of connections like myself, those of us who do not know 'anybody'. why

this? because while there is an improvement and advancement in the

educational sector, the employment/ business sector seem to be very

stagnant. the slowness of this sector has been of a major challenge to

this country. is it that there are no jobs or employments for upcoming

ones in the country or that the courses they offered in their various

universities have no corresponding jobs in the country. the ministry of

employment would have to do something about unemployment very quickly

because it is getting out of hand. no wonder there are a lot of armed

robbery cases in the country.'' the hand that does not work must not


Rebecca Ntiriwaa Kumi


Columnist: Kumi, Rebecca Ntiriwaa