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Ghana's Ambassador To Libya Got What He Deserved!!!

Ghana's Ambassador To Libya Got What He Deserved!!!

Mon, 16 Apr 2012 Source: The Emperor

Let me begin by asking the following questions; what was President Atta Mills thinking, when his government recognized the NTC — Libya's interim anti Qaddafi government? Better yet, how well was his government informed on the mayhem in that northern African country? Did his government know that in Tawergha — a predominantly Black city in Libya — the racist NTC was killing the city's Black citizens in their numbers? And, was he told that Blacks, living and working in Libya were being hunted down and butchered by the racist NTC? There were many video footages — which were circulating on the Internet about the unwarranted aggression on the Black immigrants in Libya! In one of those disturbing videos, I saw how a Black man was being brutalized by a group of NTC thugs. He face was covered in blood — and his shirt was ripped off his body. The man in question was from west Africa who migrated to Libya to work! Whilst he was being beaten, one of the NTC thugs asked him to identity himself. Their victim reached into his pocket and took out a document. He then gave it to one of the thugs. The man took the document and looked at it. He then said something in Arabic — and the beating continued. Shortly after, their victim was hurled at the back of a truck — and off they went.

In another video, which was courtesy of CNN — Blacks were being randomly arrested and put in jail. When the CNN reporter wanted to know why — a member of the NTC said that they were keeping the detainees safe. Hence, the arrest. "Safe from what?" the reporter queried. "You know, they might get killed if we don't keep them here," the NTC member replied. "And, why so?" "Some people believe that the Blacks are hired assassins who were brought in to fight for Muammar a-Qaddafi." The reporter was permitted to interview the Black prisoners to hear their side of the story. Their cells were deplorable, to say the least. One of them told the reporter that he has been living in Libya for sometime. He went on to rebuke the claim that he and his fellow inmates were hired assassins. "There's no truth in that allegation, sir. We aren't hired assassins! We came to Libya to work," he said. Now, prior to recognizing the NTC, Atta Mills should've been made aware of the violence — which were being meted out to the Blacks in Libya. At least, some of the video footages should've been brought to his attention. Mind you, Ghana has an embassy in Libya.

And so, the question is; why didn't the Ambassador to Libya tell the President what was going on in that country? Better yet, why didn't he inform the President that the NTC was slaughtering Blacks for just being black of complexion? I am very certain that President Atta Mills would've exercised caution, but no. The Ambassador's choice for silence meant that he didn't care! Perhaps, he was paid to lie to the President that everything was ok, when the opposite was true. If so, then, who paid him? NATO? Just last week, Ghana-web ran a story on the said Ambassador — H.E Kojo Hodari Okine. The story had it that he and his wife came under attack in Tripoli, Libya. My initial reaction upon reading the said article was; what a wicked man. And, does he and his wife deserve our sympathy? From the word go, this man knew that the NTC government disliked Black Africans. He knew that the NTC was racist to its core! Moreover, he either saw or heard about the violence— which were being meted out to his own kind. Common sense should've told him that Libya isn't safe for Black people! Again, common sense should've told him to pack up and leave.

So, why didn't he leave? Why did he choose to stay in Libya — the country, which Barack Obama helped destroy? I know the answer! The NTC thugs who were slaughtering his own kind, like animals — promised to protect him. And, what did he do? He foolishly believed them and forgot that he was Black until those racist thugs came after him! Now, how stupid can this man be? In my opinion, the Ambassador got exactly what he deserved — and so will Barack Obama. Remember, he who sleeps with dogs must rise with fleas. I will conclude this column with these words from Brother Malcolm X. “There will come a time, when Black people will wake up and become intellectually independent enough to think for themselves, just like how other humans are intellectually independent enough to think for themselves. The Black man will then think, like a Black man — and he will feel for other Black People! This new thinking and feeling will cause Black people to stick together. At that point, you’ll have a situation that when you attack one Black man — you are attacking all Black men. This type of Black thinking will cause all Black people to stick together! This type of thinking will also bring to an end the brutality inflicted upon Black people by White people.” Dear reader, may you live to see that day come.

R.I.P Trayvon Martin

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Columnist: The Emperor