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Arrest All The Castle Presidential Aides

Arrest All The Castle Presidential Aides

Fri, 3 Aug 2012 Source: Wallis, Ekun

The shocking news of the late president, the gentle and self-effacing professor Atta Mills has assumed a dimension of skyrocketing discussing as to what happened that the good old president left us so suddenly. Its a sad spectacle that every home you go, every office you visit as well as every corner you turn to both old and young, Ghanaians and even foreigners are in discussion and expressing their utter grief and wonder as to what might have happened all of a sudden.

But we are pretty aware of the fact that few years, months and days before this tragic death, the health status of the late President had been a heated debate in all quarters of political terrain and there had been blames and counter blames as to how some political parties and other personalities were playing cheap politics with it to score empty political points. Even few months ago there was the news that an sms text was sent somewhere that the reasom why we were not hearing from the late President was the fact that he collapsed at the castle and other unsubstantiated stories before he travelled to US for the check up.

To all intents and purposes, the worrying and despicable senario was that any genuine and sincere concern raised by any person about the genteel late President's health was rebutted and fought vehemently but sophomorically by the the unkempt crooks,vultures, misfits and riffraffs around the president, the so called castle aides. Its highlly incomprehensible ans reprehensilble how these castle toothless bull dogs, with the ugly looking champion Nii Lantey Vanderpui, shamelessly and facelessly closed every outlet and left everyone incommunicado as to the state of health of such a good man, uncle Atta to suffer silently to death like this. What were these neophytes, dimwits and deadheads thinking? Egocentrically protecting their daily bread or playing lotto with the health of such an intellectual collosus?.

As a matter of fact, it is said that there is no secret that would not eventually be revealed in broad day light. After much speculation, hullaballo, razzmatazz and cloud of uncertainty that eclipsed that entire nation within the few hours of knowledge of such a devastataing blow as to what might have been the last straw that broke the carmel's back. Now that all the revelations are coming out and still more to come, they have made it abundantly clear that the death of the good professor was not a happenstance. It has become incontrovertibly clear that all the genuine and sincere voices by those outside the camp of NDC were not playing politricks with the man's health. But rather sadly, it was the NDC, and particularly those who were closer to the late president were privy and tacitly playing lotto with such an important figure's health. They were the very wolves and hyenas at the castle, sucking the man's blood softly and pushing him into his grave.

I am therefore calling on Mr. President, Mahama to arrest all those privy to the death of the late professor,epecially Nii Lantey Vanderpui, has to be hanged for his stupidity and the emotional outburst of blaming others to hide his face as if he did not know about the failling health of the late president. Do you know what? We are in the days of mourning and one person who carries the greatest weight of pain and therefore we need to hold hands to mourn with is the late president's wife Naadu Mills. However, and realistically, if there is any other person too, that we should also unreservedly castigate and blame, is no less a person than the same Naadu Mills. Its cannot be gainsaid that when unmarried person dies in such a sudden like this the prime personalities they question are family members, friends etc. On the other side of the coin, when a married person dies the foremost person to question is the spouse. Simply put she was the closest.

Now from the recent revelations by the national security adviser, Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, that the wife, Naadu Mills was at a point in time expressing worry about the rain of insults and more importantly the failling health of her husband to resign, but as a wife could not stand to her gun and persuade her husband as his health was the paramount importance and prevailed over him to resign, raises questions and eye brows. How? The wife knew every nuances of the husbands cancer problem but to sit idle and to allow these castle assassins to toy with the husband's health, to say the least, leaves much to be desired, and therefore she also must be blamed as well and not to get unnecessarily appalled with Rawlings comments as Nii Lantey was senselessly misleading her to. I beg to say that its a sheer crocordile tears here. Knowing the weight of the situation, how could mere workers, these castle small boys prevails over Naadu's persuasion?. Unfathomable After all what Rawlings said, was it not the same that a former President of the Bar associaton, Mr Sam Okudzeto said, that we all had been callous and careless about the late president's health?. And also late Mills own friend and confidant, Rev Dr. Nii Amu Darko, the castle chaplain, said the same when he even went to the hospital to make a personal verification of the late professor's death . In the light of this, why was Nii Lantey Vanderpui, Mills family, Naadu herself and others playing a gapping hypocrisy by hanging JJ for speaking the truth during the BBC interview?. What about Mills own brother, Dr.Cadman Mills? All these times that Mills disturbing health was even known by a child on the street, was his brother in Seberia and therefore he did not know anything about his own brother's health? Listen to the chilling revelation of Rev. Dr. Nii Amu Darko, that at a point in time they persuaded Mills to stay at Peduase lodge to rest, but he sneaked to the castle and kept working. Here, the right people who could have persuaded him were the wife and the brother. Where were they? There are more questions than answers

The good book minces no words that the truth will set us free but Ghanaians and Africans in general are never bedfellows with the truth at all, even pastors lie more than the satan himself. And if you have travelled other western nations, you will quickly realised that it is this disease of lies infested epidemics which are so much prevalent in ghana and for that matter Africa, is the bane of our underdevelpment and not that we dont have what other countries have. Because everybody feels he or she has to lie to protect somebody. An ugly example is what we are witnessing about the infamous judgement debts. Sometimes one wonders which people fills the churches on sundays and mosques on Fridays. Good have mercy.

All in all, another person I will call for his head as results of the death of our beloved professor is this so called national security chief adviser Nunoo Mensah. From the horses own mouth, the intelligent professor, as we all know how afable, reticent and down-to -earth he was, confided in him that he wanted to sincerely and nobly resign to attend to his health. How on earth should you be so insensitive to force him on?. This was not so much only about the insults, but the health to run a nation which was not there, and the judicious step was what the professor had wanted to do. There was no need of quoting unnecessay bible to force him on. And I tell you, this a general disease of Ghanaian christians, that instead of facing the reality, we hide under the smokescreen of bible quotations. Sometimes, its so pathetic to see a pastor telling a member in pain to go for healing prayer, instead of advising him to see a medical doctor too. I believe so much in prayer, but zeal must go in tanderm with knowledge.

Infact, God did not create us as robots to follow the bible blindly like imbecile stones. Why has God given wisdom for people to become medical doctors and the availability of all these medicines? Are we not to see a doctor when sensing pains in our bodies but lock ourselves up in rooms and pray and quoting bibles? It is tantamount to feeling hungry and instead of eating you senselessly lock yourself up to pray to be filled with food. That is spiritual hypocrisy and babism. Nunoo Mensah is a military professional and not a pastor or a doctor. And next time he should not veer ignoramusly into where he has no professional knowhow. The nation has the right to cause his arrest for manslaughter.

In a nut shell, I would mince no words to be blazing and ballistic that the NDC's lies have killed this good and loving professor and they should have themselves to blame and stop playing ostrich. May the peaceful professor sleep peacefully, condolence to the family and God bless Ghana



Columnist: Wallis, Ekun