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"Atopahene" Is More Appropriate For President Mahama

"Atopahene" Is More Appropriate For President Mahama

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 Source: Sarpong, Justice

"Atopahene" Is More Appropriate For President Mahama Than "Ahobrase3hene"

“There is this notion of me being a womaniser which is certainly not true. I have

had children outside my marriage. But I am at peace with my wife.

She understands the circumstances in which it happened and I have been a responsible

father to my children”, said the President.'

--------------------President Mahama--------------------


That was President Mahama's answer to enquiring minds that wanted to know about his

family background which one has to break Fort Knox security code to get to. I have

been 'googling' the net trying to find out how many children this man has without

success since that information is always missing from Mahama's biography provided on

the net.I guess that rumour swirling around has got to him he chose to reveal a

little bit of his lifestyle to douse the embers of his salacious interest and his

reputation of having an elevator eyes in order to reach ataraxia.

"She understands the circumstances in which it happened". President Mahama, that is

your personal matter and since you've chose to tell Ghanaians about it, why don't

you go all the way and free your soul of what is troubling you by telling us the

whole truth and nothing else but the truth? What was the circumsatnces you are

dancing around? Is it true that you are still married to that Dansoman woman you

have three children with through traditional marriage system and did not get divorce

before you wedded Lordina? Is it not true that, Lordina left you and went to

Netherlands to live with some relatives when she found out that you were still

married to that woman?

The circumstances you are talking about is known to some of us and your wife's

understanding of your playboy reputation to some of us is hard to fathom. Your wife

seperated from you and went outside the country and what did you do, Sir? You

continued to engage in amorous relationships during that seperation not with

coetaneous women but was defrocking what we know in Ghanaian parlance as "Koforidua

flowers"(Young women) that resulted in more children and Lordina understood because

she was not around to warm your bed? Your Excellency, you have a good woman in

Lordina or she is naive. She told some friends that, you are so handsome even some

of her friends think she is lucky to have you, what a woman. Does Lordina still

have some sisters looking for husbands? We all want women like that and you are

lucky to find such a 'gem'.

"President Mahama officially put the number of his children at seven even though he

did not mention the number in the interview.

Incidentally, a curious omission further fulled this perception when he was first

selected the running mate of the then candidate Prof. John Evans Atta Mills in 2008.

Mr. Mahama's official Curriculum Vitae (CV) released at the time indicated that he

had nine children.

However, the CV was quickly withdrawn and replaced with a new one stating seven as

the number of children he had borne."

You all should not blame him for that mishap. The man actually don't know how many

children he has. During the 2008 campaign, he was nicknamed "The Baby Making

Machine" and that was not for nothing but an apt description of this testosterone

fuelled hormones raging man sowing his 'royal' oats all over the place to surpass

his father's nineteen(19) children.Folks,there are certain things that Ghanaians

don't know about President.Mahama's marriage and children.Mahama is traditionally

married to this Dansoman woman and Lordina is a wedded second wife. That in itself

is not a crime in our culture but Mahama is a Christian born into the Presbyterian

church but switched to the Baptist church after he married Lordina. As a Christian,

Mahama is not supposed to have a second wife, that is not christianity and for this

man to posterate that he has been ordained to be President is blasphemous when he

has never seen any skirt he is not dying to see what is

behind it.

I am not judging President Mahama's morality because we all are sinners and some of

us might even have done worse than President Mahama and that is why some people

will never open themselves for scrutiny and vie for the Presidency but he Mahama

wants to be President so he cannot plead for privacy. Mr Mahama wants to be

President and we don't want a President with such moral baggage.

It is not only his sexual excapades that is troubling but he has had his hands in

all the contracts in this Mills/Mahama administration that have been red flagged

with corruption, STX housing contract, Embraer plane contract, the 3 billion dollars

China contract.He was even caught in the Arew Aremayew sting cocoa smuggling sting.

This man is not what we want a President to be.

The adage father for all in Mahama's case is literally true since it is believed he

has as many children to fill two soccer teams. I don't know whether he was trying to

break his father's record of 19 children but he has triumphed the father both

politically and the race for most children. The father was just a Regional Minister

but he has occupied the two highest offices in Ghana, Vice President and President

by virtue of President Mills death, or was it a murder through Palace coup?

The name "AHOBRASE3HENE" for President Mahama is an anomaly and the best one for him



Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice