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Politics In Gonjaland Linked To Yagbonwura

Politics In Gonjaland Linked To Yagbonwura

Tue, 6 Nov 2012 Source: Nuhu, Kashaa

Politics In Gonjaland Linked To Yagbonwura (The Gonja King)

I write as a Ghanaian, I write as a Northerner and I write as a Gonjalander(person coming from Gonjaland). This article seeks to correct some mischief by some Gonjalanders to align the Yagbonwura to one political party. His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is a Gonja coming from Gonjaland just as Dr. Abu Sakara Foster who are both aspirants in the 2012 general elections. These candidates and the other flag bearers of other political parties are all in the contest and need the blessing of all traditional leaders in the country.

Yagbonwura is no skimpy a King with five paramount Chiefs under Him all controlling their traditional areas with sub-chiefs. These paramount Chiefs comprise Bole, Wasipei, Kpembi, Tulwe and Kawsawgu Chiefs respectively. The Kingship to Yagbonwura rotates among these paramount Chiefs on the demise of the King.

Gonjaland has 7(seven) Constituencies all spanning across the 5(Five) paramount traditional areas with diverse political persuasions. Notably among them are His Excellency John D. Mahama, Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, (CPP flag bearer) Alhaji MND Jawula (Leporwura) and Hon Alhaji Abubakari Boniface Sadiq, former minister in JAK administration.

Gonjaland and the Yagbongwura have no intention whatsoever to lean their support to any of the Candidates in this general elections as indicated in earlier article entitled “Gonja King Rejects Mahama”. I believe all those stories are made for political expediency by opportunistic politicians in Gonjaland. People are paid to say all sorts of things to stain the reputation of the Yagbonwura in the media as being spurred as a favorite of one particular party or candidates. The Yagbonwura is as neutral as any other King in Ghana and must be respected as the overlord of an ethnic group that occupies a vast land in the northern part of the country.

Young Politicians like Dr. Clifford Braimah(The NPP northern regional Secretary) and Haruna Mahama a journalist formerly of the Statesman and one time NPP Secretary of Bole-Bamboi Constituency were cited sometime back in this regard trading words on this particular subject. I write to make the record clear that, these individuals and their comments might be representing their parochial interest and not the position of the Yagbonwura and Gonjaland. Considering the approach and potency of revile, it is clear that assertion was politically motivated to turn in their favour.

Such remarks and writings do not only mean to tarnish the image of Yagbonwura and Gonjaland, but to also insight other ethnic groups in northern Ghana against Gonjaland and the King. Yagbonwura and His cabinet through the Secretary are well aware of the constitution of the land barring chiefs from engaging in active politics and therefore will not advertently or inadvertently break these laws of the land. People of Gonjaland are more discerning and politically inclined than perceived by our detractors. These malicious intent is spreading chitchat in Northern Ghana that, Gonjand will wage war against its adversaries should Northerners vote to retain John Mahama in power as though the entire Gonjaland and the King are behind the latter. This I describe as a fallacy and should be treated with all the contempt it deserves.

I do not speak for the King (Yagbonwura) but write as a concern citizen of Gonjaland who wish to clear the air on the politics of dragging the name of the Gonja King into disrepute by politicians. We (Gonjalanders) are one people with a common destiny and descendant of “Ndewura Jakpa” the founder of the Gonja Kingdom fighting for a common course to bring about development in our land.

This brouhaha is getting to a crescendo for the “John Mahama factor”. This again is an open secret to Ghanaians I need not to waste much energy in explaining it. Gonjaland has offices of all the aspiring political parties of the 2012 polls in all its 7(seven) constituencies and the executives of the various political parties are working tirelessly for victory for their parties which the King has not by insinuation or diectly “Rejected” or embraced any candidate as alluded in the daily guide report.

I write as a citizen of Ghana and a proud Gonajalander who exercises my franchise and nothing more. Peace is what I crave for Mother-Ghana in the impending elections.

By Kashaa Nuhu


Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa