Paintsil knows why he insulted the Ghanaian media

Sun, 17 Mar 2013 Source: Raymond Yeboah

John Paintsil l believe got the effrontery to insult Ghanaian sports journalists because he thinks he has reached his peak and have gotten all that he wants in football and therefore needs no more hype from the media cycle.

I don't blame him much, the media who are in pain from his insults must have themselves to blame because there are sports presenters in Ghana who were licking his foot in those days he was at his best form and organizing football matches for the Brong Ahafo clubs, so the was the toast of all the sports presenters. So no wonder he authoritatively did even mention in his insulting speech that some of the presenters had been paid to destroy his name because l think he knows Ghanaian sports presenters are cheap and they only criticize when they are paid to do so.

How on earth can a player who has beaten his wife gain confidence to lash back at sports journalists for criticizing that dastardly act. He was paying some of the sports presenters himself that’s why he doesn't trust them and he thinks just as he was giving them money to hype his football career, anybody at all can also use them against him. Using this abusive and western word ‘bull***t’ against Ghanaian media is very disheartening.

Paintsil shouldn't forget that without the help of the Ghanaian media, where he is now wouldn't have been possible. The fact that he has already become successful in his career doesn't mean that he won’t need the help of the media in this nation again. Maybe he knows his time is up to quit the Black Stars because any hopes of his comeback to the national team would somehow have depended on media hype.

I implore Paintsil to come out and apologise to all the media houses in Ghana else by the time he realises that he has ended his football career prematurely if only the sports presenters are going by their duty without bribes.

Sports journalists in this nation must avoid taking money from players else more John Paintsil insults would be daily repeated. Thanks.

Source: Raymond Yeboah