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I stand with Kantamanto!

I stand with Kantamanto!

Thu, 9 May 2013 Source: Akyena, Brantuo Benjamin

Imagine losing all that you have ever worked for in a day? Such is the tragedy of the thousands of ordinary Ghanaians who have lost their daily bread since Kantamanto burnt to ashes.

My heart bled when I saw fathers wailing like babies and mothers, amidst tears, brandishing their nakedness on national tv helplessly. I share their pain.

Once upon a time , my mother fed the family with proceeds from her trade from Kantamanto market. I have been buying from that Market since I was a boy. IN FACT I STILL DO. These are ordinary people, who having been let down by their country, have decide to survive the best way they can. Truthfully, Kantamanto contributes more to Ghana's economy than all the mining companies put together. They have always been there for this country.

The least we can do for them in this moment , when they are down, is to stand with them and carefully help them to their feet again. Interestingly, they are not begging government to pay for the lost of their investment. They are also not asking government to rebuild the market. Their request is simple. 'Pls don't take Kantamanto from us'.

Is that too much to ask?

Columnist: Akyena, Brantuo Benjamin