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Countryman Songo, if you can't beat them, join them!

Countryman Songo, if you can't beat them, join them!

Mon, 21 Oct 2013 Source: Raymond Yeboah, Sunyani

After all sorts of criticism by Patrick Osei Agyeman alias Countryman Songo and his colleagues on the so-called ‘Fire for fire’ programme on Multi TV, the Kwesi Nyantakyi led GFA and technical team headed by good old James Kwesi Appiah are almost certain of qualification to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

As s sports journalist, nobody can begrudge you of the right to criticize but it must be concise and objective, not because you hate the person.

Nyantakyi's administration is undisputed; three consecutive World Cup appearances amid great performances need encouragement, not stomach analysis against him. Can Songo and his crew tell us when was the last time Ghana recorded such a massive 6-1 victory against football power house as Egypt. Criticism must be based on achievement of the person and in terms of that feat no past administrator could equal let alone surpass what Nyantakyi and his present contingent have done for this nation so far as football administration is concerned.

Kwesi Appiah has done what Napoleon could not do as a local coach and we must not discredit his achievement by appointing any foreign coach prior to the World Cup. We must understand that there is no way Ghana can win the World Cup in Brazil irrespective of any coach we employ but to go farther than we did at the last edition, l hope Kwesi can do that.

Anytime you see a sports journalist seriously criticizing the football administration, it means only one thing. He might have gone to beg for money and did not get hence uses the power of air as a tool for revenge. Now the shame is cast so l implore Songo and his fellow characters to join the good work the FA is doing rather than engage in bias analogy. If you can’t beat them, Songo I say what you do is to join them.

Source: Raymond Yeboah, Sunyani