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Letter to Manasseh – the Road to your hometown

Letter to Manasseh – the Road to your hometown

Tue, 4 Mar 2014 Source: Koranteng, Kwabena Adu

The Eastern Corridor Road

Kwabena Adu Koranteng

On Tuesday 8th February 2014 I embarked on a fact finding mission from Accra to Hohoi in the northern part of the Volta Region, a territory you once lived and schooled.

It was my third time of travelling on the eastern corridor but the first for my colleague Justice Appiah. The eastern corridor road begins at Anum Junction where it intersects the main Road leading to the Volta Regional Capital. Between Anum Junction and Peki, we witnessed some ongoing constructional works but were wondering if the workers were constructing the much talked about eastern corridor road or just filling the gigantic potholes. This is due to the fact that we could count the number of workers on the road and equipments. My colleague Justice Appiah asked me “is this how bad this road is”. I answered politely “bad is not the word. “The depletion rate has moved from bad t worse “I reacted. The dust emerging from the depleted and slumpy road had covered the atmosphere, making it difficult for drivers to have a clear view of the road.

Between Anum Junction and Peki work is ongoing but at a highly slow pace. A section of the road had been closed and motorists travelling to the north and those coming to the south are forced to share the same section which makes it difficult. They usually slow down to avoid head on coalition. In my estimation work done on the eastern corridor road is only 10 percent. It took us about five hours to arrive at Hohoi from Accra.

If indeed this is a project inaugurated by the president in 2012 prior to the election then authorities must speed up the construction process. Leadership is not only about the president, the president may not be a leader or have the qualities of a good leader, but the effort by his advisors can help him achieve his set targets. I therefore request officials at the ministry of Finance Roads and Highway

Columnist: Koranteng, Kwabena Adu