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Why Dishonourable Ameyaw, MP Asuogyaman Must Be Disqualified

Why Dishonourable Ameyaw, MP Asuogyaman Must Be Disqualified

Thu, 10 Jul 2014 Source: Adamu, Mustapha

Why Dishonourable Kofi Osei Ameyaw, MP Asuogyaman Must Be Disqualified

At the time of filing this report, Dishonourable Kofi Osei Ameyaw, MP, Asuogyaman , the self-styled lawyer without no legal certificates to prove his legal credentials is at again.

Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw has still not accounted for the GHC200,000 and that delayed submission of this report.

In view of the above, the National Election Committee is unable to accept expenses claimed to have been made by him.

On the payment of hotel bills, the National Elections Committee member, MPs and other Executives stayed at the Modern City Hotel . The unfortunate thing was that before leaving Accra, we were told by Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw that the rooms had been secured on the party's behalf. To my amazement, we discovered that rooms that cost GHC70.00 and GHC90.00 were charged on the party at GHC250.00 per room.

Further to this, Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw instructed all monies be paid to Madam Akosua Busia ( daughter of late Prime Minister Kofi Abrefa Busia) and not to the hotel. This incident coming from Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw, a member of the Fund Raising Committee who ought to have been bent on cost cutting was to say the least, deplorable and most unfortunate.

However, the National Election Committee is unable to accept responsibility for Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw's expenses. The disbursement of the promised GHC200,000 has become a contentious issue simply because Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw refused to pay the "promised loan" into the coffers of the Fund Raising Committee.

Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw without express authorisation from both the Fund Raising and National Election Committees claimed he personally made some expenses with his money, notably the Educational establishments where delegates lodged and transportation for B/A and Volta Regions.

Later after the payments, information reaching the Committee indicates that the bills that were paid by Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw were highly inflated and the Northern Regional Chairman ( Mr Bugri Naabu) has demanded full investigations.

In addition, Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw promised to produce T-shirts free of charge. All attempts to collect the T-shirts from him for distribution to the officials ( Committee members both National and Local) seven (7) days up to the eve of the elections failed and this led to a very serious confrontation between Dishonourable Osei Ameyaw and Mr Kwambena Sarpong on the morning of the 12th April.

I hereby humbly submit that the yet-to-be constituted Vetting Committee if the NPP to disqualify this criminal and charlatan in suit as he is nothing but pure disgrace and an embarrassment to our noble tradition.

Columnist: Adamu, Mustapha