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Grandness Of The Mass Media In Ghana

In any democratic country the

media plays a vital role in creating, moulding and reflecting public opinion.

An impartial and fearless media is the basic requirement for the success of democracy.

The Ghanaian media has developed recent times and they play important roles in

ensuring national development. Some of the roles played by the media


Media plays a very important and

crucial role in enlightening and educating the people, the media in the country

keep the people updated in all cases which is of national interest. Some of the

media stations also telecast educative programs which help in the educating of

the people. The various media houses also telecast the daily news which helps

in the enlightening of the people about things and issues that are current or

of national interest. The media organize debates and group discussions about

the current political issues in order to enlighten the people about the democratic

process in the country, and this is shown in most of their morning and evening

shows on their channels.

The media can aid public

involvement through advocating issue and transferring knowledge, skills and

technologies to the people. The Ghanaian media have done a lot as far as

involvement of the public is concerned; the media allows the public to react to

issues of public interest. The media helps the public by transferring of latest

and current technologies through their programs and also impact skills to the

public through some of their programs.

Awareness about various rural

development programs, propagation of family planning could be spread by using

the media. The media in recent times make sure that the rural areas and the

development of such places are also brought to the screens of the public; also

the rural areas that are social amenities and infrastructure are also brought

directly to the citizens for public views.

The Government can use the media

more effectively to make it an instrument of social change; the media has a

distinctive role to play in bringing communal harmony which in turn will preserve

the secular fabric of a democratic country. It also serves to highlight those

issues which violate human rights.

Media has exposed a number of corrupt

practices, hidden deals, thus putting a check on the cancer in the form of

corruption in the society. The media have done very to expose both corrupt

practices of both governmental officials, public servants and also of the

public. The various news channels keep the vigilant citizens updated. Media

plays very emphatic role in awakening people against many evils prevailed in

the society like arm robbery, the evil practice of child labor, prostitution


Media serves as a bridge between

the government and the people. The government's policies and actions are

conveyed to the people, and the latter's views are forcefully expressed to make

the authorities aware of the public feelings. It makes the policy makers aware of

the wrongs that may otherwise escape attention.

During election periods, the

media can play very important role by publishing the biodata of the candidates,

which makes the general public aware about the candidates, to whom they are planning

to vote. This role of the media has been shown in recent times for which all

can bear witness to that.

Ghanaian media has led to the promotion of

business through advertisements. The telecasting of latest updates about

techniques of economy management are providing fruitful to trade and commerce.

This has helped the private sector to advertise what they have at their

disposal that aid economic development.

Though the Ghanaian media has

helped in national development and has also promoted democracy, there are some

things that the media must watch out for and prevent. The vulgarity displayed

in advertisements, serials and music videos should be checked because they

reach the

audience directly in home. The media should work

towards stories that generate confidence about creative potential of the

grassroots. The media should be partner in national development.

The Ghanaian media has done perfectly well to ensure

national development, their work have been guided by efficiency and

rationality, but there are more the media can do to ensure that the country

attains its highest development without blemish.

Lamptey Alfred


Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred