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Had I known is always at last – Oh poor Rockson

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Wed, 7 Jul 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Many things are hidden from, and unknown to, man, until they do happen. When such things do happen with unexpected adverse consequences to us, then we turn round to say, “had I known……”

If you knew the repercussions to happen to you or society, as disastrous as they may be, you wouldn’t have executed the action you did in the first place, to avoid the regrettable consequences come to bear ominously devastatingly on you or on society.

However, it is good that certain things are hidden from us or else, the unpredictable nature of man, as wicked as some of us are, could spell doom for mankind and their very existence on earth if we were to have foreknowledge about everything as does God the Creator.

We only have to exercise caution in whatever we do and be extra prudent, taking all necessary steps as may be available to you to avoid committing acts that may, in the end, compel you to say, “Had I known”, but which is always at last.

If I knew by rushing out this morning, Tuesday, 6 July 2021, in an attempt to avoid the morning London showers of rain would result in the loss of my smartphone holding over two hundred WhatsApp contacts, vital four-hour audio recording for a specific life-changing purpose and other confidential information, I would not dare venture out, despite the obligation to go out.

I would rather have preferred my other more expensive smartphone without many but two important pieces of information to go lost to having the other gone missing. However, my wish may not be that of God’s and also, the veracity and forcefulness of the adage, “Had I known is always at last” has come to manifest in my bare face.

We can only take precautions to avoid preventable mishaps but we may not have full control over certain, or all of our acts.

When you lose something which is more precious to you, the feeling you have is more painful. Nonetheless, we can put the pain behind us since brooding over the loss will not make any better difference or bring it back but rather worsens your plight.

To all my WhatsApp contacts whose means of contacting ourselves were by WhatsApp without having their details elsewhere, please excuse me if you do not hear from me for a while until arrangements, if possible, are made by different means to re-establish contacts with you.

Much as I am disgusted, only to be extra cautious without hurrying out next time for whatever reason but to ensure everything is secure, I will entreat my WhatsApp contacts to bear with me in this trying period.

In the meantime, you can interact with me on Facebook and by reading my published articles on the Ghana internet news portal.

For how long will I worry about the loss of that mobile or cell phone without taking consolation?

Every person on that contact list was valuable to me regardless of their social status in society. I will get another phone but may not have all the contacts since I did not have everybody’s details kept elsewhere. I will for some time miss reading published news or “listen” on mobile phone, quicker than reading them word for word.

In every misfortune, there is a blessing. I will have to see a blessing in the loss of the mobile phone to avoid the many unnecessary procrastinations I have almost become accustomed to. The little said, much better.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo