Hard life in Ghana has forced many good people to become thieves

Fist Of Ghana Flag 1 Crime rate is high in Ghana due to the unfriendly economic atmosphere in Ghana

Mon, 17 Jan 2022 Source: Joel Savage

In certain social environments where powerful forces operate, if hardships and suffering take over the life of people, human nature transforms to make good people become criminals. This is the case with Ghana.

The high rate of unemployment, hardships, and the unfriendly economic atmosphere in Ghana, have forced many good people to involve get involved in criminal activities.

It is very common to read about juvenile crimes and activities of armed robberies that are causing panic and fear throughout the country.

Every human can resist external pressure or reject the temptations of a situation but circumstances beyond someone’s control can easily force the person to commit a crime.

You will never understand the reason many good people suddenly become criminals until you face a similar experience.

Even in the most civilized society, with prescribed laws and a strict system of governance, many people steal because they have no money to buy something they need, therefore, it doesn’t surprise me to read about someone who has stolen food in Ghana to eat.

These Ghanaian judges apart from their huge salaries and benefits, several of them are corrupt, yet they don’t have mercy for a common man who steals food to eat.

To me, it's unfair and doesn’t make sense to me when someone who steals food is given five years prison sentence.

Sometimes, the transformation of a person into a criminal is most affected by upbringing, hard life, and economic problems that can also force someone to become a criminal.

Desperate unemployed Ghanaians are stealing everything including government properties to survive.

The new Pokuase interchange hasn’t been spared either, recently, thieves stole barriers preventing crashes and the parts of street lights.

Crime can’t be eliminated in society but it can be reduced, therefore, to tackle this social problem, the Ghanaian government must try to create jobs for the youth.

This is a topic we keep writing about for years but the situation remains the same, however, this will not be the last.

Columnist: Joel Savage