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Has John Mahama forgotten about probity, accountability and social justice?

Former President John Dramani Mahama has disappointed me with his comments on government prosecution of corrupt officials in the past and present government. If we revisit Ghana’s political history, we will acknowledge that Ex-President Rawlings and his cohorts founded the NDC Party based on the principles of transparency, probity, accountability and social justice.

Yes, the NDC founder, Rawlings, and his cabals tortured and annihilated prominent politicians and business men and women, many of whom were bizarrely accused of legally borrowing meager sums of money from the banks to support their businesses. Today, President Mahama is asking all NDC party faithfuls to rally behind corrupt officials who served under his government and may be facing trial very soon under this current government. Speaking at the 31st December Revolution Anniversary held at Ho in the Volta Region, Mr. Mahama welcomed the move, asking party members to support colleagues who may be indicted.

many observers rightly hold a strong view that Ghana’s current economic downslide was as a result of the unbridled sleaze and gargantuan corruptions in the outgone NDC administration. Isn’t it hypocritical that the same people who have previously tortured and exterminated people they suspected to be indulging in sleaze and corruption would be defending people who are perceived to be corrupt under their turner and has cause the collapse of Ghana’s economy through wanton sleaze and gargantuan corruptions?

Maybe they have decided to do away with such principles, else they would not be protesting vehemently about the NPP government’s attempts to deal drastically with the corrupt public officials.

After all, if you are not a witch, why must you be concerned about witch-hunters?

Yes, in law, the person is not guilty until otherwise. But Ghanaians cannot fathom why cases like Gyeeda, Isofoton, Asontaba, bus branding, Wayome, Ghost Cocoa Roads, Zoomlion dustbins supply etc, to be swept under the Capet under the expense of Ghanaians tax payers. President Mahama should have seen all these things as an indictment and remarkable disgrace to his government. Instead of supporting government to prosecute those who are found culprit of the law, the law he failed to apply when he was in power for eight years, he is rather shameful calling party members to sympathize with them.

In any case, we shall keep our fingers cross for the Special Prosecutor to make a timely intervention and go after the greedy politicians and other public servants who have been cited in the Auditor General’s report.

How delightful would it turn out if the Special Prosecutor managed to exert dint of effort and claw-back all the billions of Cedis stolen by the voracious public servants?

President Mahama should have known better that, the seed of probity, accountability and social justice was not sown by NPP. The principles of accountability is anchored to the NDC and must be applied irrespective your party colour, our public purse is what we are protecting and not individual interest. Disappointingly, the NDC apologists would castigate anyone who chooses to squall and criticise their public official's abhorrent behaviour.

How would anyone with the wellbeing of Ghana at heart defend the villainous public officials who are bent on siphoning our scarce resources to the detriment of the impoverished Ghanaians? Nana Addo must crack the whip.

I have declared 2018 as "Action Year", former government official and current government officials who are burn on destroying or milking this country dry will be made face the supreme law of this country without any favor. "No mercy for the cripple". The public purse must be protected, we restore confidence in governance, our taxes must be put to used and we the taxpayers must see the benefit of our tax.
Columnist: Issah Fuseini
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