Henry Quartey woos Greater Accra Parliamentary caucus to ban 'Aboboyaa'

Henry Quartey With For Former Leaders Henry Quartey met with his colleague MPs in the region

Sat, 7 Aug 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Known lately for being one of the most action-oriented leaders in the country, the Greater Accra Minister, Henry Quartey, has taken yet another bold step at actualizing his "Let's Make Greater Accra Work."

This time, the minister, who is also the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso Central, has been trying to woo his other colleague MPs in the region to agree with him to ban the use of tricycles commonly known as "Aboboyaa."

Lately, the use of these mostly yellow tricycles have become common in other parts of the country, gradually creeping into the capital city and the minister intends to ensure that this does not become a common trade in his region.

In a Facebook post, Henry Quartey wrote about how he had met with leadership of the region, and from across sectors, to deliberate on the matter.

"Yesterday, I met with the Greater Accra Parliamentary Caucus of both NPP and NDC, Council of State Members, Representative from the Office of the Attorney General, Ghana Police Service, DVLA, Transport Unions, Ministry of Roads and Highways, Waste Management Service Providers, GUTA, Traditional Authority, Dean of All MMDCE's and Dean of all Presiding Members to conclude stakeholder consultations for a Bye-Law to revive and ensure strict compliance and enforcement of the Road Traffic Regulations (2012) LI 2180, for Motorbike riders, abandoned vehicles on streets, and also ban tricycles (Aboboyaa) from using the Highways and Principal streets in the Greater Accra Region," he said.

The minister has, among other things, ensured that the onion market at Agbogbloshie, including the scrap dealers, have been relocated to a new site at Adjen Kotoku, as well as ensuring that sanity is restored to the Zongo Junction at Madina.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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