Hon. Speaker Bagbin, if the children of ECOWAS are hungry the military can intervene

Alban Bagbin Smile 37 Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin

Thu, 21 Oct 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, I don’t agree with you about your recent admonition to the Economic Community of West African States to take steps to avoid future military takeovers in member states.

For decades, we have been brainwashed about democracy, believing it’s the best type of government to follow but the true fact is democracy as a matter of fact has done more harm to the world than good.

Every time the military takes over in any part of the world, the so-called ‘almighty democratic country’, the United States of America is the first to speak against it.

However, if you have to be sincere, you will acknowledge the fact that the US government has committed both political and medical crimes against humanity than any country in the world.

Was democracy not available before Africans were captured into slavery? Is it not the same democracy that paved the way for colonial masters to invade Africa and divide the South Africans during Apartheid?

Is Ghana not under a democratic government when the 2020 presidential elections were rigged? When people lost their lives during the election, did the democracy in Ghana show any concern about their deaths?

And today, is it not the same democracy that wants to tarnish the image of our beautiful and respected culture, heritage, and traditional values by forcing our government to legalize homosexuality?

In Africa, the politicians are corrupt and don’t care about the suffering masses that gave them the power. The constitution is often abused when a president wouldn’t like to step down.

Hon. Bagbin, will you, therefore, speak against any military regime that takes over to change things for the poor masses?

Hon. Speaker Bagbin, are you happy about thousands of children suffering in African countries, including Ghana, under democratic governments, yet the leaders don’t care about them?

Are you also happy about African leaders that continually abuse the country's constitution by staying in power for decades with nothing more than extreme incompetence?

You see, this is where I don’t agree with you because democracy in Africa means corruption with impunity, leading to unemployment, poverty, and depression, often taking its toll on the youth and school children.

That’s where military intervention is necessary to save the country. The military is not only to defend a country; they have the right to make a coup to save the people when things are going wrong.

The possible military takeover in any African country must serve as a warning to the corrupt African leaders to do the right thing because they can’t continue to steal and make the common people suffer.

Columnist: Joel Savage