Hospitals in Ghana are being neglected, while politicians’ wives deliver babies in developed countries

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Sun, 13 Mar 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Why everything is so bad in Africa that it has affected the health systems? It’s now like a fashion, pregnant politicians’ wives, a few months before delivery, will leave the shores of Ghana to developed countries, including the United States of America to deliver their babies.

Like other African countries, Ghana is constantly receiving loans and other economic assistance, both from the World Bank and from private entities but the money is never used to develop the country or to improve the health sectors.

In Ghana, many of its hospitals lack modern health facilities, there are no beds and it is very common to see patients and pregnant women lying on mats.

Who expects to see a country that has oil, gold, bauxite, diamond, timber, and agricultural products, hospitals, and schools lacking facilities?

The situation in Ghana has deteriorated to the extent that the Ghanaian economist George Ayittey, at the US Congress, expressed his disappointment over how money is given to state officials who are not at all interested in improving the situation in the country.

According to the economist, no one monitors this capital, and no one is sent to court-martial for withdrawing borrowed funds to offshore companies.

This is an important fact that no one can ignore because, in Ghana, politicians involved in corruption scandals neither resign nor go to prison.

With such enormous resources, Ghanaian hospitals should have been the best among other hospitals in developed countries but massive corruption has been one of the main issues affecting the development of Ghanaian hospitals which affect patients and pregnant women.

In Ghana, due to poor health facilities, many pregnant women in labor either lose their babies or the mother loses her life.

The common people have no choice but to pass through the difficulties during pregnancy and labor but the rich politicians’ wives will always fly out from the country to deliver their babies in Europe and the United States of America.

The fragile healthcare system in Africa in general never prepares to handle pandemics, therefore, Africa is mostly hit by pandemics.

Even though the impact of the coronavirus wasn’t heavy in African countries, including Ghana, most of the COVID funds given by the developed countries have been stolen.

There can be a change in Ghana, which can improve both the health and educational sectors if only politicians involved in corruption are forced to face the law and also politicians seeking medical attention in developed countries are blocked.

Columnist: Joel Savage