How can Anas recover from a dead-end career?

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Mon, 11 Oct 2021 Source: Joel Savage

One of Ghana’s investigative journalists I respect most is Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the fact that he is able to unearth many corruptible scandals involving high profiles in the political arena and governmental institutions in the country is commendable.

In Africa, a continent that the truth is never given a special role and many journalists fear for their lives, this is something many dare not to do; however, it seems Anas’ career is over.

Society calls someone who is not contributing anything significant in the society lazy or a useless person. Yet when you work very hard to achieve something others have tried and failed, you’ll be surrounded by an empire of deceitful enemies that will undermine your efforts to put you in a shameful situation.

That’s the case of Anas, the investigative journalist that introduces himself with “Anas is not just your common or guardian journalist, he is an investigative reporter whose daring personality has taken him to Bangkok disguised as a Catholic priest to see how Africans in Thai jails are treated.”

That’s not a fabrication or an exaggeration, the man knows what he is talking about, however, his efforts of exposing corrupt Ghanaian officials have earned him both respect and generated a lot of enemies against him. Many Ghanaians hate Anas to the extent that the once hunter is now being hunted.

But why is such a famous journalist that has done so well in going about his job now become a subject of ridicule and insults to many?

Ghanaians as a matter of fact, are difficult people, at the same time, very hard to please. One can make ten rights and do one mistake, Ghanaians will always talk about that one mistake you did.

Anas, who was at the highest peak of his career has been accused of many things, including taking bribes and other unprofessional ways in doing his investigations.

I can’t depend on the negative things people say about Anas to hate or disrespect him because I haven’t done any investigations to ascertain the truth.

I have lived my life fully and have witnessed that Ghana is a country it doesn’t worth killing yourself for because the same people that you eat and drink with, are the same people that will dump you in the pit like how Joseph's brothers did to him.

Anas has been covered with uncountable accusations but luckily Ghanaians haven’t sold him yet to the Ishmaelite traders to be taken to Egypt.

During the military era in Ghana, Ghanaians fed up with General Kutu Acheampong’s corrupt administration, cried out for a saviour.

It wasn’t long when Rawlings appeared on the Ghanaian political scene. He was named Junior Jesus. Rawlings did well for Ghana, yet he was disgraced and abused. Instead of John Jerry, some Ghanaians were calling him (Julo Jato Rawlings).

This shows the type of people we have in the country called Ghana, therefore, I am not surprised that Anas has to pass through all these problems despite what he has achieved in journalism in Ghana.

Some Ghanaians are ungrateful to the extent that one needs to think twice about if it is worth sacrificing your life for such people or a country.

Ghana like many African countries, stinks of corruption, and without people like Anas, corruption would have overflowed its banks, more than what we are witnessing in Ghanaian politics but where is Anas after the brutal murder of his co-journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale?

On December 6, 2019, in one of my articles published on ModernGhana entitled “Be Strong And Stand Firm, Anas Aremeyaw Anas,” I expressed my fear that if care is not taken Anas may quit active journalism.

Has my prophecy taken place or this is just a mistake? Anas, the significance of this article is to encourage you. I wish one day, I will read Anas is back in active journalism.

Columnist: Joel Savage
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