Political Churches

Wed, 22 Apr 2015 Source: Boateng, David Amoah

Judgment will surely start from the house of God. I write this article to warn Church leaders about their deeds. Why are the churches of Ghana quiet on corruption and bad leadership style of the Country? Another question is, are they corrupt themselves? We leave it to the ordinary members to judge for themselves.

The churches of today can't talk because they have eaten from the rotten pot of these politicians. Their very ministerial existence is based on the money they get from the thieves and vampires of the nation, so how can they speak. These churches go to their houses and anoint the head of these suckers. Hypocrite Pastors the Lord said I should tell you judgment will start from the church so beware.

The very church that should preach morality and good leadership has now succumbed to preaching and encouraging corruption. The churches as agencies of socialization have failed in all standard. The church has sold it morality right to politicians so now they cannot talk but keep mute because they have gotten their principles soiled with the politicians' morality.

The churches have refused to preach mental revolution and now we hail thieves in the church in various forms. The Churches in Ghana have only succeeded in producing parasitic religious elite that thrive on the resources of the land to satisfy their gluttony through non-productive and corrupt and fraudulent activities mainly dependent on political patronage driven by ethnocentric, clannish, sycophantic, bootlicking, bootlegging, parochial attitude,

I entreat the Church of today to speak for the ordinary Ghanaians .Now all the Ghanaian system s have failed its people now people await the church to liberate them from this sycophants. The church must rise and lead a crusade of change.

Am not against the Church because am a staunch Catholic and an Ex –Seminarian but the church as a moral school and correction centre has failed to protect and fight for the very souls God has given them.

I entreat the churches in Ghana to lead the Change Crusade. Preach facts and talk and inspire people with revolutionary ideas.



David Amoah Boateng( Patriot)

Columnist: Boateng, David Amoah