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How to earn more money to enjoy a happier marriage

Fake Cedi 200 Notes Being financially stable is a key to enjoying a marriage

Wed, 26 Jan 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

As it is my avowed intent to be of service to my people and country, thus humanity, it has always become an obligation to me to share any useful information that comes my way with as many people as I can.

Therefore, it is just right that I convey to the attention of the public, especially, my Ghanaian compatriots, the following message about how one can create lasting money to enjoy a peaceful and happy marriage.

From a more knowledgeable opinion, it is imperative upon one desiring material wealth to know how to make money and unmake money. One can make more lasting money only through genuine means but not fraudulent ways, the known infamous trait of almost all African politicians and those in leadership positions within our public services to earning their immense wealth at the twinkle of an eye.

You should not seek to acquire affluence through stealing, fraud, begging and marriage but genuine hard work.

The view of the inspirational speaker as will shortly be found in the attached video is nothing short of the absolute truth. Is it not said, “quick buck goes as quick as you make it”, thusly in the Ghana Akan language, “Hwim, hwim, adee ko sro sro”?.

Any money you did not toil for, wiped beads of sweat from your forehead through genuine means to acquire, you can never manage it properly to grow it. This may explain why thieves, armed robbers, etc., are still on the move peddling their crimes in the hope of making money. They spend all the money they earn from their illegal trade hoping they can still go out there to get easy money at the crack of the finger.

Any money you did not work for, you don’t have the wisdom to manage it, so truthfully says the motivational speaker.

Once you make money through legal means, realizing how you toiled to make it, you will manage it properly to ensure it multiplies to earn you more money.

Again, women or men are strongly advised against going into marriage because their future spouse is a rich person hence they can also become similarly rich by virtue of their marriage. Wealth is said not to be sexually transmittable unlike gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis A, B and C and genital herpes and HIV. Therefore, one should not rush into marriage simply because his or her partner is rich, therefore, he or she is automatically guaranteed to become rich.

Husband and wife must operate on joint knowledge, thus, being truthful to one another, opening up in almost all things to one another. There must not be any hidden secrets between a married couple. Your wife or husband must know how much you earn. There must be joint planning and joint decision-making between married couples. Once these are done with honesty, one’s marriage will be the happiest and most successful to lead you on to prosperity with the prevalence of peace and harmony within your family home.

Fellow Ghanaians, I should not continue trying my hardest to reproduce verbatim what according to the motivational speaker one has to do to make more money and to enjoy a happier marriage. I will just have to leave you to watch the video below to make your own informed decision.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo