Opinions Sun, 5 Jun 2016

I Told You So - Komenda was A Tormentor. Give me My Stone

By Fadi Dabbousi

Those who called me all sorts of names, which does not surprise me at all given the vilifications emanated from the NDC fool soldiers, I wish to be brought my stone. An article that I wrote, "Did 'compassionate' Mahama insult the blind?", was published on June 2, 2016 discussed the catastrophic presentation of the blind with 25 sets of television, and delved intensively on the Komenda sugar factory, too. I brought to the fore cogent points why the Komenda project is going to suffer a still birth.

No sooner that the publication was released and the NDC goons begun their inherent insults on my person than word made the rounds that Komenda was shut down, barely 3 days into the commissioning. The fallible reason cited was maintenance that was going to last for 6 months. This "Speedy Gonzales" style of commissioning an incomplete project was, obviously, nothing more than a campaign propaganda fairy tale that lost its sudden lustre because Cinderella stayed past the time permitted her. This time, though, she went to the party earlier than permitted her by the Fairy Queen Mother.

This reminds me of the Bui Dam that President John Mahama rushed to commission prematurely, and just as soon as he pressed the button than the current went "phweep" dead, reminiscent of the Raid advertisement, "Ready, steady,...Dead".

I wish that the NDC communicators will not be so overzealous in blemishing their dirty reputation all the more. Their case is like the pig that got stuck in quick sand that only pulled it down with each effort it made to extricate itself free until it was buried alive. The NDC, due to the inconsumable characters that make up its body, from head to toe, has found itself in a precarious situation out of which there is no way in any direction, but downwards into the garbage of history.

I am disappointed in President John Dramani Mahama. In fact, instead of taking his time to do things right, he has focused all his energies at winning the upcoming 2016 elections rather than doing the job for people to take note and decide in his favour or not. The worst thing that a leader can do is throw dust into the eyes of the citizenry. How much salvation is in delusion? How much success is in selfishness? How much blessing is in tyranny? None to say the least.

It is for this reason that majority of Ghanaians have woken up to the realisation that John Mahama and the NDC have brought nothing but disaster, upon failure, upon unbearable circumstances of survival. For how long are we going to allow such a bunch of miscreants to control our lives? For how long are Ghanaians going to allow themselves be taken for a ride by a bunch of stealers who have done little work for the country, but much filling of their pockets?

Kokoon Anyidaho, upon all his 'paa pa' and vitriolic rhetoric of threats, insults and vile propaganda, has admitted that the country is ungovernable. He said that Seth Terkper, the Minister of Fianance, is sending the governing NDC into opposition because of the unprecedented fiscal inconsistencies. He asserted that the life in Ghana is very difficult. Then again, is he not one of the enemies of progress who is a stumbling block in the path of Ghana's development and democracy threatening war and violence against the good people of Ghana?

Our country is rich, yet it has only been at the instances of (P)NDC regimes that Ghana has suffered unwarranted and abject poverty never ever known to this nation.

#NDCisAShame #StillJohnMahamaWillFall #KomendaIsAShamAndAScam
Columnist: Dabbousi, Fabi