Opinions Fri, 27 Jan 2012

I have a Feeling that the NDC is Imploding


The questionable sacking of Martin Amidu, the former Attorney General and the recent resignation of his predecessor Betty Mould-Iddrisu, the former Attorney General/Education Minister are ominous indications of the NDC imploding. The Woyomegate saga coupled with the vivid corruption amongst the NDC is an albatross weighing down the NDC.

The Africans by their negative characteristics have inadvertently enslaved themselves. They have become subhuman in the eyes of their White contemporaries. The physical shackles of slavery in which the Whites bound, and exported our ancestors to the American West Coasts to work on sugar plantations were broken many years back. However, the Black African is still awash in negative attitudes that continue to enslave them mentally.

I have a feeling that one day the black African will break free of the shackles of mental slavery. They will realise that their subjugation is self-made. They will no longer see racist remarks about them as untruths but facts that need addressing. Once the Blackman accepts the reality no matter how painful and derogatory they are, and finds solutions, they will be free forever.

The African politicians lack in farsightedness and wisdom. They are insatiably greedy, selfish and corrupt. They see politics as an arena to enrich themselves rather than being of selfless service to their nation and people. They always lord it over the governed.

I have a feeling that one day, the greedy African politicians will realise their mistakes. They will not continue in their evil ways until thy Kingdom come. The outpouring of public anger at their incompetence, greediness, selfishness and short-sightedness will be enough to effect positive changes in them.

The multitudinous actions and omissions by the Black African have empowered their politicians to embezzle funds. As impoverished as the Continental Africa is, their politicians still have that shameless audacity to continue to siphon the scare funds at their countries' disposal abroad to place in their private accounts. The combined actions of the politician and the governed inflict further impoverishment on Africa, thereby reducing the ego of the Blackman as a force to reckon with.

I have a feeling that one day, the majority or the entirety of Africans will wake up; wipe off the moat and specks from their bloated eyes to see clearer. Their minds will open up and they will reason like wise men or human beings. When that day comes, Africans in unison will take their leaders through the iron-cast detector of probity, transparency and accountability to weed out the disgraceful bad nuts. That process of scrutinizing the African leaders will be the beginning of their dream to achieving their real socio-economic emancipation.

In Africa in general, and Ghana in particular, fellow citizens are fond of aiding and abetting crime. When a public servant or government official is knowingly engaged in a crime, his fellow workers or townsmen find it difficult to expose him but rather shield him. This person will be squandering the money or misusing the public property entrusted to him. Anyone who attempts to tip the authorities off about the illegal engagements of the fraudster becomes rather the enemy of the public. I find it hard to comprehend such behavioural attitude that conflicts logical reasoning.

I have a feeling that one day, the Black African will rise above ignorance, stupidity and self-inflicted underestimation of intelligence to behave responsibly as human beings. He will not connive and condone crime but learn to expose one another's evilness to better shape their future to bring about glory onto themselves and Mother Africa. When this day comes, Blacks will no longer see themselves as inferiors purposely created as such by God to entertain the Whites, but rather their actions and inactions were the cause of their current psychological dehumanization.

In Ghana, the diversity of the ethnicity of the society is militating against the socio-economic progress of the country. The social cohesion of the various tribes has now been very fragile, a problem threatening the foundation of Ghana as a country of one people, one nation and with a common destiny. There are periods when jobs are offered not on merit but on whom you know and especially, which tribe you belong. Such were the frequent occurrences under the administration of Former President Rawlings and still happening under President Mills.

I have a feeling that sooner than later, Ghanaians will realise the negative effects of wanton nepotism, tribalism and unflinching but erringly unreasonable partisan support on society as a whole. They will shun the disastrous individualistic tendencies to pursue collective aspirations that augur well for the survival and advancement of a society.

I have a feeling that one day, the Ghanaian NDC foot soldiers, political activists and sympathisers, will reason and behave responsibly as normal human beings. They will not hit the road in their numbers demonstrating in defence of Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a swindler who has duped Ghana to the tune of GHC58 -92 Million.

I have a feeling that the NDC will realise they cannot continue to take Ghanaians for granted. They cannot continue to steal from Ghanaians and still expect them to renew their mandate to rule for the next four years starting from December 2012. The NDC sympathisers will rise above sheer party fanaticism that has clouded their common sense.

I have a feeling that a day is coming when Ghanaians will find out the real Atta Mills. Ghanaians will no longer allow President Mills to deceive them by his outward show of quietness that they erroneously take for his religiosity. Ghanaians will oblige President Mills and his chain of incompetently corrupt Ministers to account for their lordship instead of stewardship to Ghana.

I have a feeling that Ghana will soon be relieved of the burden of incompetent, lying, corrupt and myopic NDC ruling them to end the politics of insults and doubt.

I have a feeling that all discerning Ghanaians will appreciate the sensible efforts we are making to compel Alfred Agbesi Woyome to vomit the money he has squandered from the Consolidated Fund.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson