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I stand with Ghana and Mensa Otabil

A lot has happened and a lot has been said and heard. Its enlightening reading and listening to some and quite fascinating seeing how people have taken the story.

Dr. Otabil, founding father and Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), a well-known teacher of the gospel, one who comments on Governance related issues and also, one of the most influential personalities in our dear nation.

In the circumstances where Banks are collapsing and melting faster than a sheer butter placed on the sun in the Northern Region of Ghana. He happens to be a Board Chairman of Capital Bank whose footsteps in the Banking industry in Ghana has faded off faster than footsteps on the desert after a hurricane.

From the newspapers, I looked "richer" than Capital Bank and the Bank Of Ghana (BOG) decided to use taxpayer's money to help them pick up from the ashes, something, more like a second chance. Thirteen (13) months after the said, second chance, Capital Bank collapsed.

Now, as to what happened with the cash that was given and all that, people look more concerned and it seems one man is to take the fall regardless, none, other than, Dr. Mensa Otabil, the man known for his teachings which people deem interfering in politics as a man of God forgetting he is a man of God, who is a Ghanaian as well.

Why do I stand with Dr. Mensa Otabil? He has been a pillar to many youths when it comes to inspiring and motivating them to the max. He has awakened the giants in many and we are proud of him. No doubt, to many, he has become a Christian Martyr. Finally, I stand with him because he is the General Overseer of my beloved church and one who is a mentor cannot be left to stand alone in moments like this. It's morally and naturally right for me to do so, at least, he has ever said a word which has changed my life. The world can turn it back on my father but I will embrace him with every part of me.

Nonetheless, I stand with the land of my birth. I stand with a country, I am one day looking forward to make great. And if I want it greater bigger and better (in the voice of Dr. Otabil), I must stand by it and make sure the right thing is done. No one is above the law and none should go unpunished. This a country, Dr. Otabil wants to see doing well himself and there is no wrong standing with it for I know he has the country at heart as well.

To my fellow ICGC members, this is no way a persecution for our father, to me, it is a moment to show forth, Faith Integrity and Excellence as Central University's Motto stands for even our great church. Never and ever take the moment to see people who criticize or make a mockery of him as enemies but rather say a word of prayer for him as a father in moments like this. Remember, he was the board chairman of Capital Bank, and there is no way something will go wrong and you expect the citizens to give a handshake and say well done. Also, it should be a lesson to us all, let's stand for what we represent. He is a great man and it's good to stand by him in moments like this.

To those who think "mo trap no akyi bela", I urge you all to discuss the issue head-on. You're free to say whatever you wish to say but remember truth stands and don't pass a judgement before the trial begins.

Moreover, if you want to pick it from a religious point of view, I promise you the church members will increase at the end of this. Stand with the nation and seek for justice not humiliation.

Columnist: Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah
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