IMANI challenges EC to asset audit over old BVR machines

Bright Simons Veep IMANI Bright Simons, is the Vice President of IMANI Ghana

Thu, 16 Jul 2020 Source: mynewsgh.com

IMANI Africa has responded to the Electoral Commission’s claims that it’s not using old Biometric Voters Registration Kits for compiling new names in the voters’ register.

IMANI in a report indicted that the Electoral Commission is using over 40% of the old Biometric Voter Registration kits.

A claim which was denied by the Commission in a statement indicating that they purchased 8,500 brand new BVRS.

The EC described the claims by IMANI Ghana as lies and asked that they should prove with evidence where they saw the Officers of the Electoral Commission using the old BVRS.

In a sharp response to the Electoral Commission, Bright Simons who is a Vice President of IMANI Ghana asked the EC to undertake an ASSET AUDIT to prove whether they are using old BVRS or they are using entirely new ones.

He said “Yesterday, we hinted that the EC has begun a massive cover up after they were shocked to the marrow by scouts exposing use of devices they claim were obsolete in places like Kwashiman. True to form, they respond with more untruths. Video evidence was provided! ASSET AUDIT NOW!”.

He further stated reasons why the Electoral Commission should asset audit saying: “1. The point about a QR code having been pasted and kit numbers being “new” is a laugh! Anybody can stick a QR code on anything. 2. The 8500 machines in use claim is contradicted by there being 6788 clusters. 3. Seeing is believing: https://brightsimons.com/2020/07/10/the-sins-of-ghanas-ec/… 4. ASSET AUDIT NOW! 5. This is an institution that the Aud-Gen says has never passed an asset audit. 6. This institution lied about never having bought new BVRs since 2011. Documents in Parl showed 2000 BVRS bought in 2018. Where are they? 7. Devices used in June 2019 are on camera in use last week!”

Source: mynewsgh.com
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