If a Ghanaian has $10,000, why would he try to enter Europe to suffer?

Ghana Flag New Old It is possible to remain an illegal immigrant for years in Europe these days

Wed, 29 Sep 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Many people facing diverse difficulties in Ghana want to leave the country to Europe or the United States of America.

As a matter of fact, the economic situation in Ghana has led to the collapse of many businesses, while thousands face unemployment crises and family problems.

These hard circumstances many Ghanaians can’t take any longer have forced them to make hazardous journeys across the Atlantic in the past and still many are risking their lives in pursuit of greener pastures.

However, if a Ghanaian has $10,000, why wouldn’t he try to find something to do with such an amount but prefers to pay a middle man to help him enter into Europe or the United States of America? To me, it doesn’t make sense.

People shouldn’t accuse me of enjoying myself in Europe but wouldn’t like my brother to come. I will give my reasons as to why it doesn’t worth any longer to come to Europe if you have such an amount of money in Ghana.

Many think Europe or America is a paradise but frankly speaking, many Ghanaians have failed to achieve in those countries, while others at home (Ghana), have been successful, despite the unfriendly economy.

There are Ghanaians that live better in their own country than in the United States of America or in many European countries.

In Ghana, many are unemployed but they don’t live on the streets or are roofless but there are many Africans including Ghanaians that are homeless in America and Europe.

There was a time when the labour of Africans was much needed in Europe and the United States of America but after the European Union, poor Eastern European countries were given the priority to travel to the West, thus; many were employed to do the work that Africans were doing.

So if you are an African or Ghanaian and you make it to Europe, it is possible to remain an illegal immigrant for years, and being an illegal immigrant is not something pleasant in Europe these days.

Therefore, why does someone has to subject himself to this psychological torture if he can do something better with that amount of money in Ghana?

The truth is never spoken but what many don’t know is that hard life in both Europe and the United States of America has turned many Ghanaians to be drug addicts or junkies and once you become a junkie, it is very likely that you’ll live on the streets.

There was a time it was very easy to get papers or find a woman to marry in Europe but all these opportunities have decreased since thousands of foreigners struggle to reach the shores of Europe.

So why should someone spend such a large sum of money to become an illegal immigrant in a strange land far away from your country and family? These are my reasons.

Coming to Europe from Africa or Ghana is not my business; however, there are times we need to write about this for those that want to leave the country to think twice before making that decision.

Columnist: Joel Savage