Illegal mining by Chinese in Ghana that Ghanaians can’t do in China

Kofi Buah Galamsey 3 Many Ghanaians are complaining about Chinese nationals engaging in mining in the country

Wed, 4 May 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Ghana, like many African countries, has passed down precious resources from generation to generation, which has attracted many foreigners to invade the continent in search of precious metals and gold. After the fall of slavery, colonialism, and Apartheid, Africa has once again been invaded, this time by Chinese nationals.

Through loans to Africa, China has managed to create an extremely positive image of itself on almost the entire continental continent. The country has retrained a huge number of African students and introduced its educational programs to the continent, yet these trained African students are replaced by Chinese workers who work in Africa.

Because China has become the new colonial master in developing Africa, many of its nationals are breaking the law with impunity. Even though authorities in African countries, including Ghana, have been tough on illegal mining, the nefarious activities are still in progress because many Africans team up with the Chinese to sabotage their own country.

Therefore, it seems the Chinese know that Ghanaians, or Africans in general, are very religious and, therefore, the government is not interested in putting any Chinese national who commits a crime in prison, so, they pack their bags and come to Ghana to engage in illegal mining with impunity.

In several African countries, including Ghana, the Chinese people are continuously engaged in illegal mining. Their activities have led to the degradation of the environment and river pollution in areas where illegal mining is going on.

An African or a Ghanaian can’t just go to China and engage in illegal mining, so why are Chinese nationals breaking the rules in African countries? Why are the crimes that an African can’t commit in any developed country without going to prison often committed in Africa? There must be a reason.

Africa is known to have very weak security, which is often taken as an opportunity by foreign nationals. In Ghana, many Chinese nationals are responsible for environmental hazards, land degradation, and water pollution. Arrested Chinese nationals engaged in illegal mining should have faced legal action and been jailed, but they are only deported.

However, if you go to China, many Africans are serving various prison sentences for the crimes they committed. People have to pay for their crimes, but why does the Ghanaian government deport illegal Chinese miners without serving time for their crimes?

There is a proverb that says, "if one is pulling a robe and it stops, then there is something holding it at the other end." This is true and that has been the situation in Ghana against illegal mining. The fight has been fruitless because some chiefs and politicians are behind it.

Unpatriotic Ghanaian chiefs and politicians secretly engage Chinese nationals in illegal mining in Ghana, for their selfish interest, whereby they keep destroying the country’s environment and water bodies serving several communities in Ghana.

The truth is that illegal mining will never be stopped in Ghana until arrested foreign nationals engaged in such nefarious activities are severely punished and jailed because the Ghanaian government should know that there is no Ghanaian that will be set free after committing a crime in China.

Columnist: Joel Savage