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Implement National Identification System to achieve ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ — JOY

Ghana Beyond Aid” mantra by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is mostly dependent on the long-awaited National Identification System (NIS) to be rolled out by the National Identification Authority (NIA).

The country has already lost immensely over the past year, especially the opportunity to solve some teething national challenges and saving cost.

These were the opinions of twice independent presidential candidate, Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY).

JOY, the 2012 and 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate, was speaking with the Daily Graphic on how to translate the President’s vision of Ghana Beyond Aid from rhetoric to pragmatism and reality.

Ghana Beyond Aid, as a national vision, has received mixed interpretations across the country.

While many are of the view that it is an achievable mantra,others consider it rhetoric and say that nothing concrete will come out of the mantra.

But to JOY, the failure of the previous Mahamaled government to implement the NIS cost the nation dearly, money which could have been channelled into

many other development projects across the country.

“The nation can no longer wait to lose annual savings and unquantifiable benefits by failing to implement this important NIS programme,” he reasoned.

Infrastructure tool In this estimation, the NIS was undoubtedly the foundation and development infrastructure tool for any independent modern state and invariably, Ghana Beyond Aid.

As foundation, JOY pointed out that the NIA was expected to orientate towards quality ID Cards with e-governance systems as enumerated in its brochure during the

launch on September 15, 2017.

He said a Ghana Beyond Aid was a Ghana that harnessed the potentials of her human and natural resources through a long thought transformation agenda for competitive consumption by the new world consumers.

The quick implementation of the NIS without any further delay, he said, would serve as a strong foundation for good governance and services to both

citizens and residents in Ghana.

More importantly, how decentralisation could be deepened as a strong foundation for National Development Planning Policy and implementation was dependent on the

quick implementation of the NIS.

The government revenue through taxes, he said, could be predicted and the tax network expanded through the informal sectors of our economy, so that pragmatic social interventions can be developed for Ghanaians.

Free SHS JOY further said the NIS as a foundation for human resource transformation would have greatly assisted the scientific implementation of the free SHS by the Akufo-Addo led government.

The capital outlay, according to JOY,would have been more accurately predicted and planned for the free SHS implementation while Ghanaian professionals and skills needed for the transformation of our natural resources could easily be located around the globe for stronger economic development.

On the challenges associated with filth, JOY pointed out that that could easily be solved with the NIS.

He said the unquantifiable benefit of good health and preventive diseases, as well as transformation from waste to energy, could not be overemphasised.

The challenges of security, with the recent spate of armed robberies and other corruption tracking can also help the Special Prosecutor and the National Security to track criminals scientifically, he stated.

Safety on roads Safety on our roads, JOY said, could be improved to help save lives and reduce the incidence of vehicles crossing the red light.

“Mr President, it’s past one month when the state of the nation address was read. Ghana Beyond Aid will remain rhetoric if your government also fails to implement the NIS urgently,” he appealed.

“The lost opportunities are heart breaking for Ghanaians. There should be no more words but actions. We want a pragmatic Ghana Beyond Aid infrastructure through the

implementation of the NIS. The rhetoric is tingling our ears,’ he concluded.

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