In Ghana, the number of pedophiles is on the rise

Rape 9  Article File photo of a pedophile forcing himself on a girl

Sat, 11 Jun 2022 Source: Joel Savage

The news that the wife discovers her husband having sex with her 9-year-old daughter, which was published on the ModernGhana news site, was highly upsetting. There have been countless examples of incest, but a father having sexual relations with his nine-year-old daughter is something that every parent should be concerned about.

How can a father have a sexual attraction to his own daughter at such a young age without comprehending that what he is doing will have long-term consequences for the child? Is the father, Nana Yaw Bingo or Binjo, having orientation, disease, mental imbalance, or the devil's intrigues, as reported in the news?

In both industrialized and emerging countries, crime against children has become a national phenomenon. Despite the fact that laws have been created to make rapists who commit crimes against children face harsher penalties, many psychiatrists feel that pedophilia is a sort of paraphilia or a mental condition.

Child abuse is one of society's most heinous crimes. Such tragedies often elicit outrage and calls for the harshest punishments for rapists, but how effective is this in preventing crimes? People with a paedophilic condition can become criminals, but data show that four out of five occurrences of sexualized child abuse occur at home.

When it comes to pedophiles, how do parents feel? People who are sexually attracted to youngsters, in my opinion, are dangerous to society and should be thrown behind bars. According to records, pedophiles who serve time in prison frequently commit the same crime and then return to prison.

Due to a lack of investigation in criminal cases in Ghana, severe situations that require rapid and appropriate attention die quickly or become cold cases. This is one of the reasons why crime has become one of the most difficult problems for the police to deal with.

Fathers committing sexual crimes against their children are becoming widely reported in Ghanaian newspapers. Nana Yaw, the perpetrator, is still on the loose. If a father can do such a thing to his daughter, he can be a danger to someone else's child. As a result, the police must make every attempt to apprehend him.

Columnist: Joel Savage