Inasmuch as homosexuality is evil, abortion is murderous and evil

Abortion Records.png The writer wants Ghanaians to pay attention to illegal abortion just as homosexuality

Sat, 16 Oct 2021 Source: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

Take your visas! We won’t legalize homosexuality in Ghana!

With the same energy we are using to fight this evil, the homosexuality thing, can we also fight abortions; because many have been mudered by that.

Homosexuality is evil and it does not make a right because in Whitman’s country it has been legalized. But we Africans, we the primitive, the one those guys described us as barbarians know very well with much certainty and conviction that homosexuality is evil. We are Africans and by our identity, we frown on homosexuality and its families.

They are uncivilized to have interfered in another Continent's decision making on such an uncivilized and un-human act. And to make things complex and show their stupidity, they threaten Ghanaians with Visa application issues.

Take your visas and rot with your evilness. We the primitive people want to stay primitive, intact and sound. You guys are far from the knowledge of right. You have prepared special stamps to authenticate the ‘unauthenticables'.

Remember, you thought you were helping humanity when you began legalizing abortion, little did you guys know you were committing murder. You were again lucky because till date there have not been a good court and a sound judge to prosecute the 'abortionists'. Upon all your civilisations, your countries pay for people who want to commit murder (abortion).

GHANAIANS on the other hand, who happen to belong to the primitive society wouldn’t accept evil acts because it is coming from a Whitman; no! We, the black race have come far and with such a rich endowment will be quick and will accurately recognize good from the bad. We are on the side of good.

Dear Ghanaians, let’s use this same energy we are using to fight homosexuality to fight abortions, for both are evil, and the latter makes one a murderer.

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
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